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  1. Thanks Harv, what’s in the box……..something scrumptious I hope..
  2. Thanks Carl much appreciated, it is going to be a long build, the instruction book is 34 pages …..
  3. Birthday just gone, so I’ve been traversing eBay for some bargains leading up to it…..… Panzer I Ausf A , never built one, saying that never seen one in the flesh. This is a tiny AFV…….also never built a half track so another less obvious subject……both of these were under £30.00 each…. and then this has been on my bucket list since it first came. Described in some circles as when Tamiya were at their zenith with AFV subjects. An absolute behemoth, got it at just over half price so may throw some Aber AM at it……….very happy, all contents with all three were still in sealed bags……result..
  4. Looking good Carl, I’m still in two minds if to go for the HK Lanc in 32 or 48. The holy grail would be Borders Lanc but that’s not going to happen this side of nowhere……the IP looks stunning …..
  5. Congratulations, very very envious. Just hit 62 and I am so wanting to pull that bang out ring………
  6. John, as ever silky smooth, look away for a few seconds and pow another one complete, Love the white, congrats, what’s next?
  7. Ok Oliver, I officially retire from this hobby after seeing your WIP……..stunning…..
  8. Looking amazing Rob, also being an engineer. I’ll actually stop during a modelling session and tidy and clean my tools before carrying on. Also hate an untidy workbench………
  9. Stunning build Rod, yet again never build a 32nd Axis subject yet….. very tempting….
  10. I use Strava on my bike, it’s good to see segments other people have done and also records the whole years riding..
  11. Congrats Alan, hopefully not anymore stress…….good snag on the VI
  12. Dirk, welcome to LSM, beautiful build and the weathering is sublime, another master builder joins the happy band………
  13. Thanks Mike, you have to like the look of the Wildcat in what ever form you build it, does anyone do a 32nd Martlet or is it a conversion job?
  14. Thanks Peter, they are pretty thin and tiny….
  15. Welcome to LSM Dick, great to see another UK based modeller here…
  16. Rob, I soon realised……..you need three hands plus the Hubble telescope…….one done……three to go…
  17. Appreciated Hubert, so wish someone out there would do a large scale Lizzie, she is unique in her looks……..
  18. Thanks Rob, I’m going to do the SOE scheme so black beneath. It’s more the glazing, never like adding it in case paint creeps in……decision time I guess…
  19. Getting close now to booth time. Question is fit the wing before or after……..
  20. So it’s been awhile……..with the Lysander coming close to booth time time to dust down the F4F-3……my first Trumpy build at this scale. Their instructions do need a little tweaking…..anyway……cockpit is a little sparse but very little is seen when closed up..the belts are what I found in the spares box, so please do not shoot the messenger……engine with Eduard updates. The next big job is the flaps, had a complete brain fart earlier in the build posts in not noticing the AM was for flaps and not aerilons……have clean the flaps first including injection marks…….stay tuned ……
  21. I just read the instructions, it says at the bottom of them built that the prototype was built and photographed by James Hatch, is this out very own James?
  22. Rob, loving the build. Like Ernie I to fell foul of the dreaded planking. I was doing the tiny Artesania Latina Bounty Jolly Boat and completely screwed the planking up. At the time I think I was rushing and was only returning to plastic let alone wood modelling. Going follow your build and then re-appraise if my lack of skill could actually complete one. Looking forward to the next update….
  23. Stunning Jerry, never built a 262, you have me looking at big 262’s now…..love the camo…..
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