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  1. These are painted over a gloss black finish.... And for you "car guys" You can use some of SMS effect paints over the hyperchrome. Just note I have no affilation with this company.... But am growing more fond of it's paints every day. I'll be giving up MRP lacquers as the bottles empty... FYI... I read somewhere that this chrome is much more durable than Molotov.
  2. Very nice work on that panel, Kai. I really need to study this bird... I don't even know what I'm looking at half of the time.
  3. I'm glad everyone is safe, Martin. I had enough hair raising adventures on icy and snowy Michigan roads to make me really appreciate living in Australia.
  4. Dragon's Messerschmitt Me-110D1. The kit is for the Dackelbauch version, but I have a few extra wing tanks lying around so It'll have wings tanks once finished. Don't like the big belly tank.
  5. Having lived in a tornado state, I know the drill of cowering under the stairs in the basement. It's certainly scary. But it was always a springtime thing for us. Never in mid-Winter. My thoughts and hopes go out to all of those affected.
  6. My usual technique is to lay a piece of uncut tape over the framed area in question. Then I run a very sharp pencil to trace the edge. Peel off the tape and stick it to the smooth underside of a tea saucer. Then I cut along the lines with an exacto and peel and place. Sometimes the fit it perfect. Sometimes not. I add fillets here and there when required. Still takes time... and more time.... I guess there is really no escape. I don't really like trimming the tape while it's attached to the clear parts.
  7. Well, If nothing else, the results show I'll need to do touch up. Even though the mask came off quite easily, (but I needed more than tape) there was still some easy cleanup to do with a toothpick. One problem is the weak color of the diluted micromask. There are some places where I may have caused tidal marks that were invisible even with me using glasses and a visor. I didn't thin it that much.... probably 70/30 mask to water.... plus a drop of dish soap in less than 1/2 a teaspoon total volume. So I will have to touch up a lot of frame edges. Which would be ok if I had the same color available to brush as I did to spray. The paints used: For the undercoat/interior I used a Tamiya shade heavily thinned with Mr Color self levelling thinners. The top, green color is MRP RLM 71 mixed with a little MRP USN white. Anyway... Still beats spending 3 hours with tape with no guarantee of perfection, either.
  8. I'm doing a 1/48 Me-110. here is a bonus... the masking comes off with masking tape... I discovered this by accident and had to repaint 4 frames. heh... hopefully it doesn't blow off in a breeze.
  9. I just tried this. But the surface tension was giving me the shits. So, I added a drop of liquid dish soap to my thinned micromask and Bam!... it seemed work like a charm, not retreating from corners and leaving a thin, uniform coating on the painted panels. ... too bad I don;t have time to paint and peel tonight. Pending the results, this could be my new favorite way to mask canopies.
  10. That's ok, Martin. Marines have a hard spot for so many Canadians.
  11. Holy smokes, those are great prices. Too bad for me... I'm in Australia.
  12. Great pic! Thank goodness you told me about the triple click...
  13. This is my dog, Gypsy. She weighs around 105 lbs. She's older now with a whitening muzzle. She was born here at home. Her sires were Tori and Zeus, and I think she got the worst traits of both. Zeus was loyal and obedient while Tori was too intelligent and resourceful. Here the three are together. I loved walking all three of them at once. Everyone always crossed to the other side of the street.
  14. Good luck on the masking, Phil! I have micromask, but I haven't tried it this way, yet. I can't paint worth a damn, anyway.
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