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Trumpeter 1/16 T 72

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Here are some pictures of my work on this big model so far. So far so easy.... Like a scaled

up 1/35 model. Fit is good , the plastic is very heavy duty. This model was clearly designed

as an RC model at one time. One thing that I look forward with with dread are the tracks; each

link has about five sprue attachment points that need to be cut off and sanded.....A daunting task as there are about 180 of them I guess. Yikes! Anyway, it'll be a fun project I think.









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I was working on the barrel last night. It's plastic and made up of two halves 

requiring two long seams to be dealt with including some work with small files. I still

need to finish that. Also I'm not sure how I'm going to include the tow cables as I

already glued the tow hooks in place. The kit requires trapping the tow cables in the

hooks as you glue them in place. I'm thinking of cutting the eyes of the cables with a

razor saw and regluing at installation.  Anyway, I missed out on some detailing chances

as I was installing the various lamps on the tank. I have a resource the shows the wiring

For each but I can't see how I could do it now with the lamps installed.


Here is a link 


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I've been working on the tracks. I did a short section last night and with all the sanding

and fitting needed it took a long time to get it working properly and flexible. The track

doesn't fit the sprocket that well but I think it will work out fine. Finishing the tracks

will be a big project before some painting begins.







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A bit.....A small bit of progress. I was able to finish one side of tracks.

As mentioned previously, A lot of sanding and fitting is needed to get these tracks

working properly........... It took most of Saturday to complete one side; 95 links

in all. I've already separated the rest of the track links from their Sprues and am

planning on finishing the other side this week. Meanwhile, I've fitted the track to

the model to test things........here's a picture.



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1 hour ago, Martinnfb said:

I'm adding some wiring to some of the lamps and machine gun trigger using lead wire.




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33 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

nice ! :)

Thanks I've been using the same reference as the links you provided, unfortunately

there are differences to the tank I'm modeling. This trumpeter kit seems to be an

early "b" model before the reactive armor was added. The smoke dischargers are located

On the left side of the turret and not the front among other things. I can't find any pics

that show how the lamp on the commanders hatch is wired and the large infrared lamp

Will need to have some hokey molded in wiring removed and some scratch building to correct

Before I can wire it up. The headlamp frames/protectors are missing a cylindrical housing on the rear outside leg on each were the wires come out of. Anyway, these

big kits really call out for adding extra details but I'm not sure I'm up to it. Well, I'll

try my best. Thanks again for your input.

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