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Monogram F-101 Voodoo 1/48, RFI


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Well, biting the bullet and doing a quick build of this old model (copyright says 1990!).  Going to do this in SEA camo so lets see how this turns out.  Starting badly as I've made terrible choices on cockpit color (way too dark on the gray - the painting instructions are woefully inadequate...) and gear bays (green? Per the instructions).  Oh well.  


Started on the interior - this will be interesting.  The fuselage goes together in step 2 and everything goes in from the bottom.  Huh.  ALL raised rivets and seams - this will be an ugly build but I love this aircraft.  I'm paying a bit of attention to the online resources - but mostly for the camo pattern and colors.  Can't wait for someone to come up with a really nice Voodoo kit.

Hopefully when I'm done it will look something like this - but I do need to find some decals for one of these birds.


Here is a bit of a view of the instructions, and some of the initial parts I've started painting


A bit out of focus - sorry!  PITA doing each individual gauge.



Still a lot to do, but it is a start!  Vallejo paints and after a gloss coat, a black wash so far.


Four days until the GB starts!

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Great start on for me both the 'golden age of plastic modeling' and you just can't say enough about that era of aviation. A huge fan of Mr Macs aircraft and the Voodoo, awesome: Big, powerful and looked like a Mac Truck with wings (That's a compliment). Of all the Voodoos, the two-seat version is my favorite. 

Nice work on the front office, painting the details. For its time, the ejection seats do look very detailed and under your steady hand, will surely pop. Too bad Quinta hasn't discovered model kits from this era - now wouldn't this be something. 

Raised panel lines don't bother me a bit and are surely in my modeling DNA.

Will be closely following  :popcorn:


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While the Catalina stuff was drying, made a bit of progress with the Voodoo.  You can tell I'm really not into jets as I had to pry open the wing halves to insert the jet intakes.  Oops...  Plus, you really can't see the intake fans.  Oh well.

Cockpit was mostly painted by hand and it is amazing how poorly the various parts fit - especially the seats which I'll finish fitting after I see how they look in the fuselage.



The nose gear bay is a puzzle which took a bit of fitting and refitting to try and get the geometry right.  Still not quite there, but close enough I think.


I forgot how well Model Master Metalizer sprays and looks.  The photo doesn't quite catch the colors.


Not sure why I bothered with this as you really cannot see the intake fans down the intakes!


After having to pry the wing tops off to slide the intakes in... In my defense, that part of the instructions is on the OTHER side of the instruction sheet!



Next up, the fuselage camo.  The bottoms have been sprayed with a USAF Light Gray.  Oh yeah, I need to go dip the canopies!!

And off to the Catalina...

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Terrific progress on the Voodoo and older kits are a lot harder to build as they come from an era of no cad and slide rules. I've left intakes out a brand new kits and had to go back with a pry bar and fix things - times I just lose concentration.

From my end the front office and ejection seats looks well done and busy.



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Despite being very distracted with the Catalina, and a lot of woodshop stuff (we have an amazing workshop here) did make some much needed progress on the Voodoo.

Got the fuselage together and the wings attached.  The wing tops have a tab that goes into the side of the fuselage.  The fit isn't perfect and needed some putty to close up.  My 'Sprue glue' wasn't ready yet so had to settle for some putty.

Already painted the camo color behind the intakes before attaching the wings.  Have masked the gray underside where it comes up on the side of the nose.


The bummer are the seams and the raised panel lines.  Very hard to clean up the seams and not obliterate the lines.  Like on the engines/exhaust.

Painted with Metalizer Exhaust and banded with Burnt Iron as a start.


Ordered some MRP Tan so when that arrives (later this week? with the Catalina masks!) will start on the camo.

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Nice progress on the Voodoo and looking good and working around raised panel lines is a delicate proposition. I'm finding the same with the Kingfisher and I'll scribe the raised P/L I wipe out. Same as you, just going slow and being as careful as I can. 

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Well, Making slow progress on the Voodoo, but ran into an unexpected problem masking the canopy.  Well, didn't get to the canopy actually - the windscreen.

I purchased the Eduard Ex108 masks since they are for the Monogram/Revell 1/48 F-101 Voodoo.  The problem is, they don't fit.  The two pieces on the right are supposed to overlap, and the piece on the left should cover the entire point and then come far enough back to overlap the right two pieces.  Eduard is never THIS far off so something has to be going on.




Looking on their website, there are two sets for the 1/48 Monogram F-101 Voodoo.  The set I have, Ex108 is shown for the Monogram/Revell kit.  Looking at the Eduard Website there is another set of masks: XF179, which is for the Monogram kit.  Sigh.  The XF179 masks are definitely different than the EX108 masks.  Not sure how the canopy will turn out.  But will tackle the masking with tape tomorrow, I hope!  BUT, I did make progress on the Catalina! Which is another HUGE masking challenge...


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2 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Chris, I’m gonna need to build the Kittykawk CF-101 Voodoo just show you actually how GOOD you have it. That kit is an absolute bear to build.  And you gain little except recessed panel lines. 

I actually had that kit and was so excited to have a 'modern' kit for the Voodoo.  Then, I read the reviews and talked to people who built (tried to build) the kit.  I gave it away.  Ugh.  What a shame...

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I feel your pain with the masking. getting the mask you purchased to work, is going to be some delicate work. NO question in my mind, you'll pull it off just fine.

I'm getting close to masking the Kingfisher glass and am going to have to do it the old fashioned way as I can't find a mask set at all. Thinking back, the 'good old days' when it comes to canopy masks was a skill we had to master as mask sets were decades away from being created.


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