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Revell P-51D late Iwo Jima done

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All done with this refugee from the SOD! LOL I decided to resume work on it after I had it about 50% done but had set aside for something else. I changed my mind on color schemes 3 times and finally settled on this 15 FG P-51 based on Iwo Jima as shown in the Kagero book. I did a fair amount of "research" off and on to be sure I had it "right". A couple of things not shown in the book are the rocket stubs, the antenna under the nose, and the name "Stinger" on both sides of the nose. I decided to add the plumbing on the drop tanks using a couple different types of wire. I painted the model with Alclad. The green stripes are Willow Green by Colourcoats with black decal stripes. I decided to do 2 spinners because the photos I found only show a unpainted spinner but the book shows it painted in the artwork (which I like best). I hope y'all like it! :)

Remember to click on the 1st photo for best resolution and to view the pics as a slide show. 🤪

1-12-23 B 001.jpg

1-12-23 B 002.jpg

1-12-23 B 003.jpg

1-12-23 B 004.jpg

1-12-23 B 005.jpg

1-12-23 B 006.jpg

1-12-23 B 007.jpg

1-12-23 B 008.jpg

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4 hours ago, Spitfire said:

Another imaculate build, I love the paint schemes that you pick, they look great.



Thank you Dennis. :) I'm pleased that you like the results of my efforts! :)

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4 hours ago, PanzerWomble said:

Like it , interesting scheme you went with as well . Also impressed you managed to get the wing guns and the intake scoop to behave, I found the fit on these parts were pretty sub par. 

Thanks! :)The wing guns and scoop gave be plenty of cuss-factor moments!!! Also the windscreen. At one point I didn't think I could get it to sit right and decided to contact Revell Germany for a replacement in hopes it would fit better. They were very helpful and there's a new part on the way at no cost. Turns out I didn't need it but it's possible I will need it some time in future as I have another kit ordered from Scale Hobbyist. Nice kits but there ARE some fit problems unfortunately. 🙄

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9 minutes ago, CANicoll said:

Beautiful and those green stripes are striking.  Nice plumbing on the drop tanks. I have one last Revell P-51D in the stash and probably more AM than kit parts for it.  Maybe after the GB I'll put that one out and get started.

Thanks Chris. :)

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