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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

1/48 Revell MDD FG1 Phantom 892 Sdn FAA 1972 RFI

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Old Hasegawa FGR2, worked to FG1 . 892 Sdn FAA flying of HMS Ark Royal 1972 . 

Quickboost seats, Extradekal for Omega fin badge, Masked some of it . 

Love Phantoms , if you asked any British kid to draw a jet fighter in the 1970's it would have been a Phantom shape. 

Link to WIP


























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Fantastic result with that Phantom. Had there be no carrier in the pics, I had take them all for model shots. Thanks for showing and also compliments on the photo work.

Cheers Rob

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26 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

Now that turned out great!  We still need a British phantom in the correct scale. 

Cheers - I would be so tempted . I know people modify the Tamiya one but it's a huge amount of work .

Whine Mode on 

British jets are well under represented in 1/32 , the Lightning is crap , no Spey Phantom , Sea Hawk , Jaguar or SHAR ,  Buccaneer only if you want to shell out millions on the obscure Icelandic kit , the Revell Hawk is an ancient and frankly an anaemic subject. I guess there is the new TONKA , the old Hunter and some Euroblanders ...meanwhile somewhere in China they are making yet another new tool bf109 or fw190 release .....or wow... another Gigant .....coz that was a huge gap in the range that people were clamouring to buy ....FFS . .

It's only Airfix, if they could get their heads out their asses with 1/32 as a concept, that would probably take them on now . They know their releases of those subjects in 1/72 and 1/48 sell well so .... jeez they are even doing a Gannet ??? & not like there are shortage of subjects to go scan . 

OK This  was once only , and on my thread ...... 🤕


Whine Mode off 

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17 hours ago, KevinM said:

PW that is one Nice looking Crate!! :unworthy:

Cheers- I was very happy with how it turned out  . You know how you get to the end of the build and think , could do better ...that was on par ..or that turned out better than I thought it would .

Never been a fan of pre shading ( so don't do it much)  but feel it added to the salt damaged look this one . 

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15 minutes ago, telepatu said:

Really nice work! BTW, if you don't mind me asking, did the kit offer wing folding option?

Maybe Airfix is slowly chugging in the dark design chambers, biding their time and will surprise us all with a 1:24 Phantom to go with the Harrier? :D

No it's down only on this one , although one of the build logs showed them cut off and modified for folded which didn't look to difficult if you're ok with a small amount of fabrication . 

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