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Tamiya 1/48 F-14A


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The extra few days has made all the difference here. Finally got some time to get this done and into the cabinet. Even got some sunshine to take outside photos, although it doesn't improve my photography skills, or lack thereof...








As everyone says, a lovely kit to build - wonderful engineering and fits like a glove. Always nice to build something 'vanilla' once in a while rather than fighting things to the end.



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Thanks, the Tamiya decals on this definitely seem a step up on what came with some of their older kits. Don't know if they've subcontracted it out to someone like Cartograph but they are nice and thin and sit down nicely with Mr Mark Softer.

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2 hours ago, GusMac said:

Thanks Phil.

Got the result at Headingley as well thanks to Wood and Woakes. Both made such a difference in this game. Not sure about what the changes will be before OT though.

I think they have a couple of weeks off now, Jimmy will have to play……

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WOW, absolutely a stellar build and the weathering is so very realistic and perfectly done.  Just a brilliant build.

Agree 100%, Tamiya's incredible engineering is the benchmark and bar and their F-14 is a shining example. I still have a few more Tomcats in the stash and will be eventually building all of them. 

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45 minutes ago, GusMac said:

Thanks Peter. I still think some of the ships were more worthy winners but I'm not the judge.

Yup ......turning a turd of a model like that Arizona into a work of art it became was truly inspiring , and Garys surfing eBoat was inspired artistry and unique. 

Still if I had made your F14 I'd be pretty chuffed ! 

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Well done on the f14 ....looks like a very nice build able kit....I've got some

" loyalty rewards" points left-over at Tower Hobbies.I might get one. I remember building

theTamiya 1/32 kit back in 1983....went off to College.... After my first semester my family

Got rid of all my kits...threw them out ...WTF! Had to start again in '84 while

Recovering from surgery!

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