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LSM presents.......

James H

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Hi folks,


Behind the scenes, LSM have been very proactive in working with HKM. Mostly on the Lancaster, but we have had a reasonable input to the forthcoming Mosquito kit too.


If you'd like to see what we've been up to, then here is the box art, featuring my model, with the rest being done by LSM's graphic than division ( ;) ) Pleased that we can finally announce it.


Hope you like it!



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Love the box art ... I'm assuming the box size will be similar to the B-25?


I'm assuming that they went with only the one type of engine configuration? (hence the marking options on the box)


I look forward to the other variants, but this one's in the stash for sure ...


I hope someone's going to start getting onto producing figurines for all of the multi-crew aircraft ... so far we've only got the one set for the B-25!! ... None fore the B-17 or the Lanc' yet??


Rog :)

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