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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Just passing by to say Hi ! :)


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"My name is Martin H.. and I am a new member of Large Scale Modellers. 

I say I am a member of LSM because I believe there is an important difference between being a member and being a member of LSM. 

As a member, I could not stop building, but not finishing my projects. Even when my doctor diagnosed me with certain social distortions, I could not stop building. I admitted my building was often injurious, yet I knew, as right as the sun would rise tomorrow, I would build again. I can't stop building. This is the horror and hopelessness of being a member that doesn't finish his projects. Yet, here I am, as a new member of LSM, many years not finishing a kit ! How is this possible if I be a modeller and everything in my experience tells me I will build again to finish? 

Well, I found a way out. By working the Twelve Step program as described in the Big Book of Modeller Anonymous and living in the disciplines of Steps 10, 11, and 12 everyday, I am able to remain, almost effortlessly, abstinent from starting new kit and all mind-altering research ! I have had many spiritual experiences due to the Twelve Step program or/ and I now know how to live without placing my kits on the SOD. The obsession to start a new build has been removed. My progressive research-obsessive  illness has been arrested. My SOD disease has been put into remission. I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, by placing another pile of plastic on the shelf of doom"


What ?   Damn! I forgot to close the Tamiya extra thin again.... :)


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Thank You for the warm welcome Guys, yes the primarily sphere of my interest are bad guys, so shortly you should see lots of crosses and red stars. The first in line should be Mig-9 from LEM. It is basically LW 1946 project with red stars on it. I will elaborate in work in progress section soon. There is also list of planned or partial started builds of Czechoslovak He-219, S-199, S-99, S-92, LA-7 and......... the list goes on :)

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