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A Wee Side Project: the Airfix Car Door Tiffie

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This is my first foray into 1/24 scale since I was a kid, building the MPC kits: the Airfix Cardoor Typhoon, and my second ever Airfix kit. For some reason I don't see many of these built, though James Hatch’s build has definitely inspired me. The parts need a little extra cleanup, but the engineering is amazing. Everything is out of the box, except for an Airscale compass decal. This is three days work, and pretty fun so far! Off to the basic engine next, since I don’t want to spoil the bull terrier lines of this aircraft.


Cheers,   Tom







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Terrific start on the Typhoon, looking so good. Will be following with great interest as you work your way through this gem.

I wonder why Airfix never continued with another 24th scale WWII aircraft kit of such detail.

Keep ‘em comin




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A wee update today: made a bit of progress since the last update! The fit has overall been really good, ranging from surgical precision to needing a little filler. To date:

--I detached the engine to make fitting the cowling panels fit better; I wish I could have done this with the intake screen as well, but I managed to make it work; the biggest gap was at the interface with the wing, and I had to use tiny wedge-shaped shims on each side.

--I cut the barrels from the wings and inserted them in the barrel covers, then glued them together separate from the wing. This made sanding easier. I also scribed the covers just short of midway down the barrel to denote the separate halves of each cover (The early Tiffies were missing the outer cover). Having the cannons separate will also make painting easier, and they fit really well into the wing.

--The panel under the fuselage fit amazingly well into the rest of the fuselage (the gap simply disappears), but I found it about 0.5mm short of reaching the wing section; I added a shim and sanded it to match the contour.

--The huge propellor really adds to the build, but the screw heads were missing from the spinner, 15 in all. I added these with a punch set.


The photos are not the best quality, but hopefully you can see the amazing work Airfix put into the aircraft surfaces. Paint stage soon!


Cheers, Tom



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11 hours ago, PeteF said:

Coming along nicely...that kit is so superior to the Mosquito kit...but check out the Hellcat they just announced...that looks like a great kit! Would be a nice follow-on project.

Thanks Pete! I did ask Airfix if they wanted me to build a review sample of the Hellcat...:)

Cheers,  Tom

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