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Paul Fisher/Paradise fire


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Howdy all. There is a huge wildfire near the town of Paradise California where Paul Fisher resides. Now would be a good time for prayers and positive thoughts. The entire town has been evacuated as far as I know. I lived through the same thing here in Redding in July.

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Cathy and I have been watching KTLA-5 and they are on it all day........... it is an incredible sight............. at times the fire is moving so fast it looks like lava flowing..... and indiscriminate on what it burns as these large fires are......the numbers are staggering...... I'm still not sure how all this started, just a few days ago.......absolutely devastating..... and today the big winds start up again........ geez......

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48 confirmed dead in the Camp Fire now, making this by far the deadliest ill fire in California history.

Still over a hundred people missing, though.  One of the dead was a 63 year old man with swollen limbs who couldn’t walk. He was on oxygen. There was no time. There was barely enough time for most able bodied. 

Remember the American Red Cross as well.

Groups like Samaritan’s Purse go in afterwards well, going site to site, helping people sift through the ashes to find even the smallest of memories. 

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