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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Guys.... Can I donate a 1:72 scale Kit because MY brain ain't thinking straightat the moment. Or is that a wrong scale.:rofl:


I know  Cupcake you said you'd throw in a kit on MY behalf which is nice but just wondered does a scale THAT brings out magnifying glasses to build allowed.


thanking you all in advance; and gentlemen very generous of you all for contributing such WONDROUS  WINGY THINGYS.



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Donating  .... it's a 1:72 Scale : HOBBY CRAFT  F2H-3 BANSHEE.

The box is still intact wrapped in cellophane as it came.never opened so all parts should be intact too.

Is that okay ...:police:


The McDonnell F3H-3 BANSHEEwas the First and ONLY  Jet fighter to fly with the Royal Canadian Navy.

The BANSHEE was also the First Canadian fighter to have an Air To Air missile capability.

the parts contained in the kit allows the modeler to build  a F2H-3 BANSHEE in the markings of

either  VF-870 Off the HMCS BONAVENTURE or a USN Aircraft from VF- 151 Off the USS HANCOCK.


Thank you.:sofa:


MARU 5137....  :wub:



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9 minutes ago, HubertB said:

What ? There is a 1/32 Banshee ? :omg: :piliot: :wub:


To quote our lovely  Harvey "NO Dear"

Hubert I think your brain read 1:32 as it's wishful thinking but in fact I have to grossly disappoint you and say it's a 1:72 scale.




if I HAD A 1:32 BANSHEE  I would give it to you Hubert ...:secret:

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