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1st LSM Christmas Raffle (list updated)


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On 11/22/2018 at 4:46 PM, HubertB said:

Ok. I’ll be giving either a Revell Beaufighter (with a bit of a tattered box, but inside is ok) or a Trumpeter Bearcat. The winner picks his preferred choice.


I did an internal check of the Beaufighter boxes (because I have two boxes, and had not dwelved into them for a long time). Here is the deal. I will give in this raffle only one of the following three boxes, and the winner will pick its preferred prize :

1) Revell 1/32 Beaufighter. The box actually containes two complete Beaufighter kits. Box in bad external shape.

2) Revell Lodela 1/32 Beaufighter. The box contains, on top the kit parts, the parts to convert the original  kit to a torpedo version, including vacformed new nose, new transparencies, tailplanes with dihedral, torpedo, etc., plus resin porcupine engine exhausts and Paragon rockets with rails. The box says there is a PE fret for detailing the cockpit, but this part is missing inside. Box is also in bad shape outside (this #ù!§%% flimsy cardboard Revell uses !)

3) Trumpeter's F8F-2 Bearcat kit


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