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1st LSM Christmas Raffle (list updated)


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Here's what we're gonna do.  Let's do a Christmas kind of Raffle like we did over on TOS, and let's keep it simple and sweet.   I think theirs was a real decent idea in principle, and for the most part it worked real well.   Sometimes it got a bit unwieldy, so we'll attempt to keep it simple.   So I'll do a little rundown of the rules so everyone is refreshed and aware.  For those who participated over there, you'll see a couple minor rule changes implemented by me just because I can. 

1.   Anyone who wants to enter to win may do so, IF, they are an Active Member of LSM as of right now. (November 14, 2018, 1630 hrs CST)

2.   Active Member is defined as anyone who has contributed to LSM by posting to LSM within the last calender year. I'm open to interpretation on this depending on Admin/Mod feedback, as we didn't really discuss this point.  The whole idea here is to promote a feeling of Christmas Spirit and maybe get people posting more. So this may change based upon feedback.

3.   Enrolling:   Entering the raffle is easy. Just post  "I'm in" and I'll mark you down.

4.   Gifts:   You're welcome to contribute a gift to be included in the raffle.  It’s absolutely not required or expected and you do NOT need to contribute a gift to be part of the raffle.

5.    Impropriety:    To avoid any sense of impropriety, I am going to ask that all people who feel led to contribute gifts to please verify your gifts as listed correctly.  Anything LSM related is good in my book.     Aircraft and AFVs, supplies, AM, tools, etc, are all OK.     I would suggest that if you're giving a bunch of little AM bibs and bobs, or things like magazine collections, think about including them as a package.   It makes my job easier when it comes to keeping track of who gave and won what.

6.    More Impropriety:  As the organizer and overseer of this operation,  I will NOT be eligible for any gift drawings.  

7.    Giving something is cool, but there is no right or wrong. Some give kits, others a resin set of wheels or #11 blades, or decide not to.   If you feel led to, then do, cool, if not, then there is no big deal. 

8.    But remember, if you offer a gift, you're responsible for the shipping charges to the winner.

9.     Gift givers and winners are to contact each other in a timely manner and winner must provide shipping information so the giver can get the package in the mail.

10.   This is a fun Christmas Raffle, guys.  If you pledge a gift, please make every effort to get it out in a timely fashion. 

11.    I will attempt to update the prize list and the names of those who entered the raffle on a daily basis.  If there's more entrants than gifts, not everyone will receive a gift.  If there's more gifts than entrants, then some will get more than one.  

12.   Drawing:  Christmas Day in the USA, because that's where I live, and I work the day before, so the Aussies and the Kiwis gotta wait an extra day. Sorry guys!


Pretty normal stuff, eh?  I think this oughta be a fun thing and I really hope everyone has a good time with this!



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Dave J.


Wouter is IN!  :)




Grand Prize:  

HK Avro Lancaster  After all drawings are completed, all names of those who donated will be reentered into the pot and drawn for the Grand Prize.  The kit will be supplied as soon as it’s in stock from a supplier in the winner’s area. As is the case with the regular drawings, I will be excluding myself from this drawing as well.




1/32 Hasagawa Bf-109G-14.  Donated by Clunkmeister

Any single engine in production and in stock Wingnut kit.  Donated by Clunkmeister

Wingnut Pfalz D.llla Donated by Harv

Trumpy Skyraider package. Donated by TJTX

Kitty Hawk 1/32 F-5E. Donated by 1to1scale

Hasagawa FW-190F-8.  Donated by Jeff

Trumpeter A-7E Donated by GusMac

Bronco Models 1/35 scale YW-531-A   Donated by Pardelhas

Revell 109G-10 Donated by Grunhertz

Budweiser BD-5J  Donated by Peterpools  

Hasegawa N1K2-K George  Donated by Bill_S

Revell Duo Discus and engine   Donated by Daywalker

Winners choice of either a Revell Beaufighter or Trumpeter Bearcat  Donated by HubertB

1/72 Hasegawa McDonnell Banshee Donated by Maru.  (Rumour has it that it comes with an electron microscope so it can actually be built)

1/28 Hobbycraft Fokker Dr.1   Donated by Maru

Wingnut Wings Snipe (late) donated by Seiran01

aftermarket decals.

 Choice of either: Hasegawa FW-190D-9 with Aires cockpit and Eaglecals decals or A 1/12th scale Tamiya Yamaha Moto GP kit; with Studio 27 photoetch set, Tamiya fork upgrade set and Valentino Rossi decals.  Donated by Wumm.


Books and Literature:

Panther on the Battlefield book donated by Carl

Vickers Wellington winter scene print.  Donated by Dave J.

B-25J ETO deckle set  Donated by Martinnfb

Kagero (red series) Heinkel HE 111 Ps of KG 27 (decals), and Sq EA-6b Prowler walk around.  Donated by Recon

Desert Eagle Zelda M113 Part 1 (fitters), and Concord Merkava 1, 2, 3.   Donated by Recon



$100.00 gift certificate to the online hobby store of your choice. Donated by Smutty44

$25.00 gift certificate.  Donated by Drifter




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I'm in


And I'll donate this:

Trump Skyraider with Zotz decals, Fisher drop tanks and zunis, and brassin bombs.   The fuselage and center wing are removed from the sprue just to tape fit, but no paint and everything else is bagged.


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4 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

I'm going to open the gifts with two prizes:

1.   Winner's choice of any current and in production Wingnut Wings single engine airplane available at the time of the drawing.

2.   Hasagawa Bf-109G-14

You best order that Triplane for me now before they run out!

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