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Springs acoming


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Lucky you :), on my little island of permanent spring, spring itself is the coldest and wettest time of the year. Good for the nature after a dry, sunny and long winter, but I'm in need of some sunrays. Anyway, enjoy the first blossoms and a nice spring

Cheers Rob

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Meanwhile, here at World's end...

After a hot start to March, we've had a fortnight of rain and drizzle, only for the temperature to hit 30°C / 86°F yesterday.

Nature is confused... The Jacaranda trees think it's Spring here too and have just started blooming their lovely violet bursts again. 


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Yep, I spent the last two weekends trimming the shrubs around the house after my Caribbean cruise vacation.  I think my timing was perfect.  Last year I kept putting it off until it was just too damned hot outside to do hard work like this.  It's a great feeling knowing this is done now until late summer when I need to touch them up.  Although I do still have one 30' Holley bush/tree that needs to be trimmed back. Not sure how I'm going to attack that one without a lift since it is up against my house.  Might just borrow the 16' extension ladder from work and cut it back to about 10'

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Technically I trapped it. In past few days this guy was stealing my nuts right from the trap, this morning it become greedy and cocky.  However I don't  kill animals, unless I am gonna eat them,  so I decided to release him. As I did so, Tikka was right there and snap at its tail barely missing. The squirrel jumped on the fence and instead of running away, it turned around and wanted to fight my dog.  Bad choice. 

Brave Marine squirrel ended up with a broken back.  BrokeBack Marine Squirrel . 


You can see how sunny was in the morning. 

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4 hours ago, Jeff said:

Tony.............. is that a Beagle looking at me in the picture of that awesome back yard??

We have two pups.  A Jack Russell/Schnauzer mix and a Corgi/Beagle mix. 



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