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Trumpeter/HB 1/32 (TBD) (TBD) is completely off....


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also (TBD) doesn't look right based on pre-release CADs.  Strong possibility that (TBD) is incorrect as well and will render the (TBD) un-buildable.

Just wanted make sure I was the first to post this and make sure you heard it hear first! :lol:

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3 hours ago, HubertB said:

Now, that is a very nasty one ... For a second, I just thought there was a CAD work done on the TBD :raincloud:

I am not sure I will ever forgive you for this one :2guns::tank::popo: :nuke: :rtfm:

Hubert, still hoping a TBD will come, one day :wub:

Hubert, I completely forgot about the Devastator! I was just too lazy to type "to be determined" that many times! :lol:

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3 hours ago, Wumm said:

Just by-the-by Mike...

Did you delete your post on TOS, or was it done for you?


No, I didn't delete it.  I thought it was pretty innocuous and certainly not worthy of being deleted.  I get that HB/Trumpeter are not perfect, we pretty much know that with them is we'll get some good kits and get some stinkers as well.  Either buy it and deal with it or don't, it seems pretty simple.

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I agree that your post was tame...

Especially considering the bickering and sniping that gets a pass there on almost a daily basis; usually from the selection of habitual repeat offenders. Or even the guy who pays the bills...


A particularly disgusting comment; given that the individual is a former Officer in the Australian Defence Force, and considering the alarming suicide rate of returned ADF Servicemen especially since Operation OEF.

But, then again, they don't delete posts or thread over there apparently.

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