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Happy Birthday, Maru!


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Hello Cupcake, Harvey,Bill,Gus , Gazza,Paul, Carl I have had an exceptionally  SUPERB  Birthday.

So I copied MY Birthday Shenanigans  from answering   over on LSP.

Tom, Greg ,Vaughan,Rick Matt, Tim Neo, Daywalker,Brian, 

Thank you ALL very much for MY Birthday wishes.



So for the past 3 months I have been to Scotland's Highlands and hiked, walked,  climbed and taken in the Fresh air.


For the past few weeks MY Friend and I have travelled to Lake Como, Italy ;and stayed in9 some snazzy places(villas) and toured, and gazed upon beautiful scenery: and taken in other lesser know places around there!

Also stayed and enjoyed Firenze et al....






So now WE are enjoying the peaceful and quietude of the Tuscany region.



For MY birthday, I was treated to 3 different Helicopter rides over Tuscany, Firenze and to another place (forgotten the name   :DodgeBall:   ).


The helicopter rides were also complimented with Swanky , fancy-pants cars.... You can hire swish looking cars once you get to your destination *ready waiting for you*and  that is what MY friends did for ME....   I got to drive a FERRARI  PORTOFINO...(V8 ENGINE 600 Horsepower I think).

At another destination Arrival I drove a Ferrari 488 Spyder.

:wub:  :yahoo:


two other cars at other locations were just as swanky...

An Aston Martin DB11 and Audi R8 Spider.( felt like   :rofl:  Well  ...  )




The drives have  been exhilarating  and something I will

always treasure. 



MY generous friend/s have given ME a Birthday and a holiday  that I could never repay back(although  I will try ).


So another trip, towards Mount Etna via car after arriving in Sicily is on the menu...


I look forward to see Mount Etna and climbing the safe side again...



GENTLEMEN YOUR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS  MEAN A LOT TOO ... to havd such fellows as friends as you all gladdens MY heart .

I appreciate  your kindness  and lovely words*which I am sure I don't  deserve*.



The Last part is ALSO SAME FOR YOU GENTLEMEN  ON HERE. I appreciate  your kindness  and thinking of ME on MY Birthday 



MARU 5137.


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12 hours ago, HubertB said:

Happy borthday + 3, Maru ! 
wow, what a program you have been through ! Enjoy all of it. Sicily is a great place to go, btw ;)


I love it there....

Been to Sicily  before and had climbed Mount Etna with guides. 

Then as night fell  and returned to the vehicle, Morher Etna erupted  and roared as if to say Get Off Me.

Hubert Thank you.


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