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P-51 racer Bardahl Miss #49 finished

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Finished with this one. The kit is a Tamiya P-51D/K. I clipped the wingtips and stabilizer tips, removed the fuselage fuel tank and several of the cockpit items that were removed from the real airplane. The prop is from a Trumpeter -4 Corsair and the seat belts are FineMolds. Paint is Testor's. The decals are by Draw Decals. I find building racers enjoyable and a nice change of pace. As depicted this a/c was flown by E.D. Weiner in races in 1968. I hope you like it! :)  Remember to click on the 1st pic for best resolution and to view as a slide show. 😉

1-29-22 001.jpg

1-29-22 002.jpg

1-29-22 003.jpg

1-29-22 004.jpg

1-29-22 005.jpg

1-29-22 006.jpg

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1 hour ago, DocRob said:

Excellent and vivid result John, I like your racer a lot. Interesting to see, how the clipped wings alter the appearance of the P-51.

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob. I agree, the clipped wings sure make a difference in the Mustangs "look". :)

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1 hour ago, Peterpools said:


Absolutely a stellar build .. just love the scheme and your decision to keep building those Unlimited racers

Keep 'em comin


Thank you Peter. That certainly IS a eye catching scheme for sure! I was just about cross eyed by the time I had all those checks on! I had to apply a lot of them one check at a time. Those Draw decals certainly are nice but very touchy and thin as they tend to roll under if you slide them off the backing paper. I lost several like that (cuss-factor for sure). :)

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