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Clear Prop XA2D finished


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Done with this somewhat less than fun build LOL. It had it's moments and was set aside twice so I could work on the F4U-4. I think it turned out okay and is straight OOB. One weird looking bird. Painted with Alcald Dk. Aluminum. Decals are kit decals. I had to redo the props twice to get them right as I found it a bit difficult to tell exactly which way the blades should face since they all look nearly alike (and I knocked the nose off twice while handling it!). :) Anyway, this one is done and I hope you guys like it.

8-28-22 001.jpg

8-28-22 002.jpg

8-28-22 004.jpg

8-28-22 005.jpg

8-28-22 006.jpg

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20 minutes ago, Peterpools said:


First time I've ever seen this kit built and you certainly did justice to the kit. Love the NMF .. looking so good.



Thank you Peter. It wasn't a particularly difficult build, just a lot of small, fiddly parts to contend with and my clumsiness.  Certainly not even close to the SB2C!😄

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59 minutes ago, k5ikl said:

Me too Harv.  Totally did not even see it.  Cool looking weird bird John.  Looks great.


Thank you Jerry! I'm glad you like that little weirdo! LOL

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