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Old timer vehicles meet in Bratislava (Veterán Tatra rely Bratislava 2023)


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Car meets in Europe are just like the ones in North America. Great atmosphere, kind folks sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge. I just snapped these few pictures a minute ago. Hope you like them. 



















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Nice show, great cars, enjoy your visit, Martin. As an ex West Berliner, I know most of the types, as we had lot of opportunities to see cars from the 'East' as well.
I especially like the Citroen and the streamlined Tatras.

Cheers Rob

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The Citroen is a lovely car. There's one nearby that I see during the summer. 

The big Dakar rally trucks are impressive too. Still can't believe they'd race them. 

Thanks for sharing all the pics. 

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Thanks for posting those!  
just yesterday I had an old 2 door Ford LTD II, about the same vintage as that Thunderbird posted, pass by me out here in the sticks. Could not believe one was still on the road. 
But that black Porsche. Yum! 

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Where did that Ford Cortina Mk 1 come from. It does look like a Lotus Cortina looky likely…………….back in the late 70’s I found in a barn, two XK140’s. The guy wanted £1200 for the pair………I didn’t have the money, massive regret even today……..

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Amazing stuff!  That Cortina was cool to see, and that Citroen, WOW!

Tatras aren’t seen on this side of the pond, and more than 59 Cadillac convertibles are seen there.  If I saw that Caddy roll by in Bratislava, I’d do a triple take.  I’d be more likely to see a Brontosaurus walk on by. 

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