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Another Kingfisher - RAAF

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calling this one done. As per most of my builds I made a few errors, some I might correct (like the bent gun sight I just noticed in the photos) and some I will have to live with and learn from (like over filing and flatting the top of the float) but overall another great kit by Kittyhawk of an unusual subject. 

IMG_7733 Large.jpeg

IMG_7728 Large.jpeg

IMG_7729 Large.jpeg


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thanks all, comments much appreciated.

@Landlubber Mike, with regards to the paint, after undercoating in gloss black, I tried several different AV and AK silver paints and didn't like the results on any of them. It was clearly my issue as I've used these before and had some great results but this time I just couldn't get them to settle evenly.  In the end I used an old rattle can of Tamiya gloss aluminium and picked out the painted canvas areas with a light cover of AV dark aluminium and then matt varnished those areas. I then buffed the lot of it with paper towel and weathered using revell weathering pigments.  I'm really pleased I didn't go down a paint finish scheme, I think the bare metal finish complements the looks of the actual aircraft. The RAAF used a single all over yellowy orange painted aircraft in the 50's for Antarctic exploration which was really tempting but I always find yellows hard work to get good results to avoided it.



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