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Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito FB.Mk VI announced!


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Brett Green writes:


"This just in from Tamiya. More detail as it comes to hand at the Shizuoka Hobby Show (Marcus Nicholls will be on the ground with the latest news): 

Tamiya Kit No. 60326 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI 
Availability: July 
Japanese Retail Price: 19,800 yen (planned) 

The "Wooden Wonder" makes an appearance in highly impressive 1/32 scale! That was the nickname given to 
the De Havilland Mosquito series of aircraft, an ingenious and beautiful design which saw the versatile airplane 
made almost entirely of wood. Its outstanding speed and range ensured that the FB Mk.VI was used in a range 
of missions, including raids on important targets and infrastructure in the German homeland. It is often said that, 
until the advent of the Messerschmitt Me262, the German Luftwaffe did not have an adequate response to the 

About the Model 

• This is a 1/32 scale plastic model assembly kit. 
• At 515mm in wingspan, this masterpiece captures the elegant twin-engine form of the FB Mk.VI with 
astounding detail. This newly-tooled model was researched using real Mosquitos. 
• The cockpit interior is realistically depicted, right down to details such as the pilot's seat cushion. 
• The modeler is presented with a number of options in assembly of the kit. 
• Separate parts recreate bomb bay and wing underside 500lb bombs, plus 50-gallon drop tanks. 
• 3 figures are included. 
• Comes with 3 marking options, plus masking stickers. 
• A 12-page B5 size commemorative booklet includes color photographs and a detailed history of the Mosquito."

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Great news for Mossie lovers.  Exceptional engineering and buildability will be a given with Tamiya's FB Mk.VI release.  With HK's B Mk.IV there is now clearly two very nice offerings for Mossie enthusiasts.  Will be interesting to see comparisons of both kits.   This is a rivet counter's wet dream.


With plans to snag the B Mk.IV.  Now with the FB Mk.VI release looks like I will have another stash fire sale.  I envision a FB Mk.VI and Ju88C in black finish on my shelf.

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Any special insights or just hope?



I've got my heart set on a Night Intruder - one of the ballsiest mission profiles of the war IMO. Fly strikes against German airbases. At night. Oh, and without radar. No problem...

Call it wishful thinking or sensing a pattern.  I never saw the Tamiya Mossie coming, caught me totally off guard.  Yeah heard some rumblings last summer.  Then BOOM!  Mossie out.


Tamiya may be loading up for a special launch of a new kit or two sooner than we expect.  Just a hunch.  Pray for a Jug...any Jug.


Agree on Mossie Night Intruder.  I have the Ju88C conversion and would love to have an all black Mossie NF and all black 88C side by side.

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I've got a blog post in the offing, similar to the one I did after the Corsair was announced. With the Mossie, I've got a third factor now to base a prediction on - and I'm calling it now - the next subject will be announced in April 2017, shown in May and released in mid-summer. And it will either be a P-47 or Me 262.

My call will be Jug in 2016, late summer release! 

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