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Revell Beaufighter X

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It is finished after over two years. This is the ancient revell kit dating back to the early seventies.

I always wanted a late type Beau, but Revell gives us a very early IF with ugly canopy framing and the flat tailplane. So some kitbashing was needed. The interior was completely reworked with a lot of scratchbuilding and using an early Eduard etch set from a lodela Beau kit that I found seperately on ebay. The tailplane was modified and lenghtened. The entire kit was rescribed. Nacelles heavily reworked as well as the gun throughs and shell exit ports. Quickboost exhausts really improved the look. The propblades were reworked and Rutman propbosses used. Also a lodela canopy set was used.

I hope you like it, I do






























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As Ben said they are cheap, basic but great fun. If you foul it up no worries, as opposed to a state of the art kit wirth over 100 ( fill in your currency). It could use a lot of aftermarket though. Strangely only Quickboost do an exhaust set.

I have an almost complete Lodela Beau left. Perhaps it would be nice to use it to cobble together a blenheim.


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I am going to stand up for all the financially struggling modelers across the world here Cees, and say a big THANK YOU!. For us these older kits are where it's at, and to see a modeler of your caliber take on this project (I too have finished one of these, and I actually really enjoyed the experience of 'modelling', as opposed to 'pour water in the box, leave it overnight at a low heat and your contest ready model will be ready in the morning' kits that I, for one, simply cannot afford.

Since being made redundant and having to work at menial jobs and support my wife who cannot work, I now do what I can with older products, and it's great to see what can be made of them in the right hands.

So, from me at least Cees, thank you Sir! Fantastic work.

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