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Traders board would be nice


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1 minute ago, Martinnfb said:

Hi guys,

I have a question for the LSM team. Is there a chance to create a section, where we can sell, trade kits? 

Thank You



Quick solution, just give me all yours. Problem solved.:poo:

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1 hour ago, harv said:

I thought they had one but hasn't been used in about 3 yrs.......Harv

I think we had one but we made an effort to reduce the clutter on the board a couple of years back so I think we pruned that one during that evolution.

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For some reason this forum feels very easy going and Martin-friendly, even with you guys onboard, strange..... :) 

2 hours ago, MARU 5137 said:

Licking Boots already... Well that's good if WE get a Vendors/traders thingy here.


Keep up the Good work.:construction:


How are your eyes ??

 Eyes are much better,Thank You Maru, still a bit itchy, the redness is almost gone. High price to pay for ignoring the power of the desert sun.

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