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Crazy nature !! :)


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Everything in balance...

For somewhere in the World that's unseasonably cold, elsewhere it's unseasonably warm. Here in (supposedly temperate) Brisbane Au, and 2 weeks into Spring its already 22°C at 9am, expecting 29°C. We've had the fish tank heater off for two straight days to try and get the temperature down naturally.


Going to be a hot, dry Summer...

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8 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

No, not yet. insurance company called "Economical" based in Toronto is taking it's sweet time. Way to loose customer with 3 cars.

I feel your pain Martin.

Our insurance company took 6 weeks before they would start the work on my car this summer after a minor fender bender. Their "preferred" body shop ripped them off so badly i couldn't believe it. I had a broken headlight and a dented fender. How that required a new side view mirror,  door and hood repairs, I have no clue. Even worse, they did such a poor job fixing our car I sent it right back for a redo. Filed a bunch of complaints and threatened to sic the ombudsman on them before they finally got things right.

As for the weather, last week it was 15°C, nice and comfy, today we're back up to 29°C. Please make up your mind Mother Nature!!!


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Doggo realized very quick that today we won't be going for a run , with a negative expression towards white-suprematistic weather :)....and yeah we are saving it for a yellow snowmen, or snow-woman just in case if Justin shows up with his agenda of people-kind. 

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