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Agreed. I’m not a huge fan of video reviews, but when someone puts time, effort, and does a thoughtful and fact filled unbiased review, I like them. Nige’s Lanc review was top notch. Had to watch it on TOS though.  Couldn’t find it on the YouTube channel.


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Thanks guys, glad you like it and thanks for subscribing. 

If you feel theres something I could do different please suggest it. It's easy to be critical without being negative, something you guys on here seem very good at.

Rest assured, I used to do many reviewes in words and pictures.. this method of making video recordings is more involved, needs more preparation and is easy to cock up. The biggest issue is getting a good balance between "getting on with it" and not being boring, but still cover enough detail to make the review worthwhile.

If you like a good rant, watch my A-7V german tank review where i go on about the Revell 1/32 G-6.

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Hi Nigel,

I too have been following your YouTube channel. I particularly enjoyed your solution for the OV10 Bronco wing assembly and your demonstration of how to correct the HK Lancaster tailplane pins.

And, of course, now following your build of the Airfix Hellcat - which I'm trying desperately not to buy.

Keep up the good work


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Just a heads up for everyone, the painting instructions in the Airfix kit are not correct for the hellcat. First the cockpit was interior green (FS 34151) over zink chromate yellow excluding the instrument panel and side panel parts that are black, the -5 (which is what this kit is) was interior green up to the bottom of the instrument panel and was matte black from there up. Next the cowl area was Grumman gray and the area from behind the cowl to the cockpit was interior green. The area from the back of the bulkhead that the seat is mounted on all the way back to the arresting hook area was also Grumman gray. The inside of  the tail was interior green. The inside of the wings was done in zink chromate yellow and the belly area where the fuel tanks were was interior green.

  For the colors for the P&W R-2800-10W see my build for this part of the kit. I'm in the process of getting it ready as we speak.

Thanks Ron G 

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