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HK 1/32 B-17G 96th BG/337th BS "Ragged But Right"

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Here she is, in all her splendor! I may still fiddle with the weathering a little, but I sure am pleased. I wasn't able to get her into work today for good photos, so I snapped a few outside in the overcast with an actual camera, rather than a cell phone.


I started this kit over 4 years ago, and its kind of sentimental to get this one done. She depicts my Grandfather's aircraft, 44-6888,  of the 96th BG/337th BS. Her crew unofficially named her "Ragged But Right". The war ended before nose art could be applied. My Grandfather, Joseph Denver, was a bombardier and completed 13 missions at the end of WWII. He first mission was in February of 1945, and he remained in Europe until 1946 as part of the occupation forces. He flew most of his missions in this plane,and that is why I chose to depict her.

This is the HK 1/32 B-17G, their initial release, with all of the bells and whistles from Eduard, Profimodeller, and some scratch building. She's airbrushed with AK Extreme Metals and Model Master enamels, and sports a combination of kit decals, Kits World, and custom J Bot Decals for the markings. Here's some photos:


48784306378_0bdc333046_k.jpgDSC_3323 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784670166_bb77675d9c_k.jpgDSC_3324 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784669641_4ada089b96_k.jpgDSC_3325 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784304668_f8f70bbce4_k.jpgDSC_3326 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784304173_be0b4c44d4_k.jpgDSC_3327 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784668231_c1650519af_k.jpgDSC_3328 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784829277_dfc62656aa_k.jpgDSC_3329 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784299918_b14b2fb462_k.jpgDSC_3336 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


48784299008_9bfe1f1e53_k.jpgDSC_3338 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr


I wanted to close this post with the Eight Air Force's letter to St. Peter, which is quite sobering:


Let them in, Peter, they are so tired;

Give them the couches where the angels sleep.

Let them wake whole again to find new dawn fired with sun, not war.

And may their peace be deep.

Remember where the broken bodies lie...

And give them things they like. Let them make noise.

God knows how young they were to have to die!

Give swing bands, not gold harps, to these our boys.

Let them love, Peter - they have had no time -

Girls sweet as meadow wing, with flowering hair.

They should have trees and bird song, hills to climb -

Tell them how they are missed. Say not to fear;

It's going to be alright with us down here.


All always folks, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for tuning in.


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Thanks for the kind feedback everyone!


She went to her first show last weekend, and placed 1st place in her category (multi-engined, 1/48 and larger). I also got a request to possibly put her into a museum/restoration shop in Colorado that specializes in WWII restorations, which is really exciting! We'll see if it all works out.


Now, where did I put that HK Lancaster Mk.I...


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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I recently read the book, Black Thursday. The author created quite the scene with aircraft exploding, humans falling....

It must have been absolute hell. 

I have always felt warmly to Americans. A reason is because they came to Australia,  Coral sea, Midway...

It is heartbreaking to see B-17's and 24's taking hits in gun camera footage. 10 men per aircraft. Heartbreaking. 

This model oozes with the images Black Thursday left in my mind.

A wonderful model evoking a certain sadness.

Vale all the aicrew who flew in the Queen of the skies. And also to those who perished recently.

Both the book and your model have moved me.

Well done! :thumbsup2:

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