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My only completion for 2020......

Wolf Buddee

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post as it's definitely a "Large Scale Model" but I thought this is where it should be.


Tamiya's 1/6 Honda CRF 1000L Africa Twin.


One of the fastest builds I've done in years. I started the end of this August and finished the end of November. A typical Tamiya kit with amazing fit and lots of metal parts including the front fork tubes, lots of nuts and bolts, and bags of different coloured and sizes of screws.The kit comes with decals for two different colour schemes and masks to complete each scheme. I initially intended to build the Pearl White machine but switched to the Victory Red option part way through the build. The wheel rims should be semi-gloss black for the red scheme but the gold rims for the white option look very nice on the red bike too. The hand guards on the handle bars should be semi-gloss black for a red bike as well but seeing as I wanted to do the bike up as I'd want it I went with red for those instead. 


Other than adding some additional nut and bolt detail that was missing on the kit I did very little extra. I did, however, add the brake fluid level sight glass and it's bezel to the front brake master cylinder and scribed a line all the way around the top of the master cylinder to represent the lid. I also used thin strips of Tamiya's tape to represent the cable ties as per photos. The tape was permanently secured by very carefully applying extra thin CA and then painting the tape with Tamiya Rubber Black. No markings for the switches on the handle bar controls come with the kit so they were cobbled together from a number of different decals sheets. The white "START" letters for the starter button, for instance, were sourced from a 1/48 Phantom data stencil sheet and applied individually to get "START". The symbol on the horn button was made up of 4 separate pieces of decal. In 1/6th scale it didn't look right to have the buttons bare so the extra work was well worth the effort to me. The rear wheel drive chain is made up of individual links and is a Tamiya Detail-Up accessory for this kit. It's a big improvement on the kit supplied two piece chain.


Paint used was primarily Tamiya's spray lacquers decanted and applied with my airbrush. I also used quite a bit of Alclad Polished Aluminium and Chrome. 













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Wow, the bike looks very real, nice work on the details and painting. I wish, there were more interesting high quality bike kits in large scales on the market. I could go for one of my old KTM 950 SM, which looks a bit more badass.

Cheers Rob

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Jeff, Harv, Rob, Dennis, and Phil,

Thank-you for checking in on my post and leaving your kind responses. They’re certainly much appreciated! I hope that 2021 will see a renewed energy and drive to complete a number of builds I’ve set aside over the last couple of years. There’s enough of ‘em on the bench that need doing!



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Awesome work and nothing short of your high standards. Your Honda could easily pass as the real deal if you didn’t spill the beans about it being a Tamiya kit.

Looking forward to you hitting the bench and diving back into some of your started projects.

Keep ‘em comin


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