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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

ICM AH-1 Late Cobra.

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5 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Flawless build, Carl!  Can I post it on our Facebook page?

Thanks Ernie! Please go ahead and post it. 

3 hours ago, DocRob said:

Beautiful rendition of that aggressive looking snake. The OD came out great, near matte with just a little bit of shine. It looks like the killer bee it was.

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob! I'm really happy with the paint job as well.

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Beautiful work and your Cobra absolutely is flawless. Have no fear, as now that you used the Quinta 3D Decals, you're hook for good. 

Perfect decision on making masks for the sharks mouth and the US ARMY lettering on the tailboom - perfectly done. 

Keep 'em comin


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