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I've built four Ju-87's in my lifetime.  The 1/48 Monogram Rudel G version.  The 1/32 Revell B with the big snake decal.  And a few years ago, the 1/48 Airfix B1.  The first two were during my childhood, and probably pretty ugly.   I was happy with the Airfix kit, but it suffered from a gravity related accident and ended up in the bin.

This Hasegawa Kit is a Late D model, outfitted for nocturnal attacks.


The kit is old, and the decals are yellowed.  So I will only use a few of the stencils and fuel triangles, most likely.  I'm not married to the late version anyway.  The kit has all of the pieces to make any version except the G  with it's twin 37MM guns.  It even has the Jericho Trumpets. 


I hope you get to follow along!

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11 hours ago, Bill_S said:

Looking forward to this build. The Stuka is one of those planes that screams "Buy canopy masks!"

Interestingly, Bill...   this kit has some canopy decals for the inner strengtheners.

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Well, thank you my friends for your enthusiasm.  I have probably been a letdown as I have accomplished very little.  There are a few reasons for this.  One of the reasons is my repeated failure to do successful soldering on another  build.  It's the kind of failure that keeps you awake at night thinking about how to get past it.


Anyway...   Let's talk about the Stuka. 

Most of the time devoted to it has been at club meetings.  I am a member of two clubs, and since I don't want to make too much mess in somebody else's space, I have restricted it to snipping, cutting, and gluing.  Though I did do some work on it at home, yesterday.

Today my Master Barrels MG81 z brass barrels and sights arrived today.


No German plane looks right without external gunsights on their defensive weapons.


The cockpit is relatively basic and here has been painted a medium gray so that weathering won't darken it too much.

The basic bland look of the cockpit is inspiring me to put the flight crew in there.  But their heads are pretty atrocious.


The pilot looks very happy indeed, and the bordfunker (radio operator) looks like a character from Mad Magazine.  I may steal some heads from another kit, I don't know for sure, yet.  German pilot heads aren't easy to get hold of.  I have ordered some ground crew, one of which may be sitting on the wing conferring with the pilot.  Again, it's all up in the air at this point.

Wheels and struts/spats...  exciting stuff.


I have found some pics with the Jericho Trumpets in place...   I rather like the feature.

The wing assembly is a bit ugly.  The left 1/3rd required a bit of sprue to act as a spreader so that it could attain a closer profile to the center section.


The black lines you see are composed of black CA and baking soda.  I don't know why they didn't mold it so that the ends would slide into the narrow collars where the angles meet.  I used tape around the 'collars' so that I wouldn't damage molded detail while sanding.

I've been warned about fitting the LG.  I guess I'll see when I get there.  I'm on a month of holidays soon.  Hopefully I can be more dedicated to the bench than I have recently.

Thanks for looking!

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A nice start with the Stuka Gary, the idea to place some figures in the pit is a good one. It looks a bit plane and there's a lot of glass above. Somehow, I like the pilots heads, I wonder how they will look under some primer.
I'm still thinking about the Border Stuka in 35 scale. I've never build one and I'm astonished, how many others haven't done so. It's such a unique design and somehow iconic for the early goings in the war.

Cheers Rob

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Sorry to see your soldering results are keeping you awake at night. Sometimes, just taking a good, long break is what is needed.

The Hasegawa Stuka seems rather sparse in the cockpit area and the addition of the two man crew will go a long way. You're so right about those heads/faces needing to be replaced. Just glad you're underway and get your modeling mojo back on the positive side.

Keep 'em comin


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