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Scratch built Spitfire in 1:5 scale

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Greetings everyone, and thank you for inviting me to join LSM.  My favoured scale is 1:5... Yes, I guess you could say that's large.

Here are some pictures of my early-mark Spitfire, which took more than ten years of my spare time to build. I have more images if anyone would like to see them.

I greatly look forward to joining the discussions. I have also scratch built WW1 subjects in 1:24 scale, and have been an avid kit basher for most of my life.




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Welcome to LSM David, that is a truly impressive build. Is this really an all metal Spit? 
I'd like to see more pictures of this excellent piece of workmanship and I might throw away my 1/48 Spit XVI from Eduard :).

Cheers Rob

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Welcome to LSM David,

I have your book and I can say it's a riveting read. Your techniques are fantastic and very effective. Last year I saw your Mustang at the Cosford Museum and some years previous this Spitfire. Magnificent builds by a true master.



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Hi David,

I visited the RAF Museum last sunday, and by coincidence the 100th anniversary of the RAF. Couldn't help taking the time to admire your Spitfire. It looks fantastic from all angles.


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