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Another Returning Member


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Hi Ernie

Just saw the post and glad you’re here. Nothing better then building models and doing some hanger flying with old and new friends. Looking forward to following your builds as always.

I have my 48th scale Harrier underway and after she is across the line, have the next two 32nd scale projects lined up and ready to go

Peter :)

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Yup. Thanks y’all. Peter, it’s been a slog, eh?

There’s been a decided lack of hangar flying 8n my life lately, and everyt8me I try to actually do some real flying, life gets in the way it seems.

Went to Phoenix of course with a bunch from the old place, and I won’t deny I had a great time. Didn’t do Pima, was still in transit, but not sure I would have gone anyway. 5 hours in the Arizona sun doesn’t sound much like fun.

And all through the last three months, my business partner decided to retire, so I’ve been running around trying to buy him out. What a life.. LOL

I’m gonna get going on the big HPH Catalina. Ernie Gee gave me a commitment on doing the gear in brass if I get him the originals, so,I’m gonna ship them to him now. That’s always been my biggest beef with that kit. The gear, despite having some steel rod internals, is still just resin, and I’m not sure it’ll handle a 6 lb model

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Welcome on board Ernie!

Won't ask you to drop a dime on the whys and wherefores, but it's good to see you over on this side of the Large Scale Universe all the same.




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