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SBD-3 clear Edition Trumpeter OOB

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This is not exactly a serious build that will be meticulously recorded. I decided to slap it together for fun.  Kit is super nice with exception of the rivets that i may re-punch with a beading tool in order to recreate the raised look.

This whole thing should be out of the box, with addition of the deep charge or maybe seat belts.

I started by priming everything in automotive primer and opening the slots on the wing


Then interior went together , primed and dark washed. So as the engine.



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That dark wash is little bit too dark LOL, engine looks like some kind of barn-find :)


And the Trumpeter's seat-belt won't cut it either


Here I thinned the edges of every opening and add some plumbing. Currently working on the rubber seals for the gear bays.


Main wing was partially distressed. It is hard to capture the effect in my poor light conditions , but you can see through the open slats


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Hi Martin, it seems you chose a great subject for extensive fading and weathering and yeah, the engine could use some maintenance. Nice pics, I will store them for my, oops, did I say 1/48, SBD with lots of AM.

Cheers Rob

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I took your image to Photoshop;


Tailplane looks like it's been clipped by somethins sharp.
Name could possibly be "First"???
All those a/c look like they've been flogged and put away wet forever!

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I have to run out, so just a quick series of pictures from this morning. I clean up the engine a bit :) and refill the underside  that cracked, the clear parts are super brittle and I was rushing as usually. 20181021_074919.thumb.jpg.6c76a73726f51bc3dad7ce8048902bdd.jpg20181021_074931.thumb.jpg.12c99b7ec8a506c42807f06fb5d4940d.jpg

Putty carnage on the cracked fuselage


I was shaping the cowling, adding few dings and dent, still undecided on the plane


Not sure if you guys can see it on the picture, but here is my attempt fro oil-canning. Naturally it will get some extra love in the near future. :)


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On 10/19/2018 at 7:39 PM, harv said:

AWESOMESAUCE!! Your killing it my friend...... Harv :popcorn:

Always a gentleman, thank you kindly my friend.

On 10/20/2018 at 1:03 AM, Grunhertz said:

Great stuff!!! The trumpy dauntless is probably one off their better efforts to start with 

Thank You buddy, definitely a decent kit. Only down side is the clear plastic, other than that , lots of fun !

On 10/20/2018 at 3:57 AM, DocRob said:

Hi Martin, it seems you chose a great subject for extensive fading and weathering and yeah, the engine could use some maintenance. Nice pics, I will store them for my, oops, did I say 1/48, SBD with lots of AM.

Cheers Rob

Thank You Rob, I am just fooling around, the engine will be hidden to cover my flat learning curve :)

16 hours ago, TJTX said:

Love the photos and weathering opportunity this build provides.

Thanks Tony, Dauntless is definitely a great opportunity to go wild, I haven't decided on the  particular a/c , but you won't be disappointed ....I hope :)

1 hour ago, HubertB said:

Think I read somewhare that it was « Falsy ». Can’t remember where, though ....:brickwall:


Yeah, sound about right Hubert, I have been staring at that picture for a while and that would be the most feasible conclusion....

also, you forgot about I-16,  Mig-3,19,29K, 190D-13,11, AviaS-99,199 , birdcage, Hellcat, Hayabusa you name it LOL 

52 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Looking good Martin, everyone says the SBD is probably the best Trumpeter kit around, interested on your take of it.......

Thank you Phil, it is for sure a great kit, We shall see , what I can kick out of the box once done.

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Thank You Alan, I am glad you stopped by.

Thank You Grunhertz, One does not simply stop being silly :)


I had an idea!  After altering the tire diameter, to drive a small screw ( that I stole it from my daughters night-light turtle) into it in order to imitate the effect of bulging tire. William was kind enough to agree to cast a set for me. Therefore there will be another update related to this in just a few weeks. Fingers cross.


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Just Got-a-love it! Terrific work on the Trumpy SBD and wish I incorporated a lot of your ‘little gems’ into my long stalled build. The seatbelts are a gem and your fix on the crummy rubber tires look great. I started mine just before John’B build and he borrowed a set of wheels from another kit to resolve the wheel issue. 

When I get back to mine as it is no longer contest bound for a Box Stock build .. I’m taking serious notes :secret:

Keep ‘em comin


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I hope following this is permitted? The last time I followed something, the police arrived and handed me a piece of paper.


As long as there is no paper trail, I will follow. (Why did I think of a spy plane whose pilot has an Irish accent????)


I shall follow you dauntlessly in your endeavour to build this American stuka.

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Thank you for the kind word Peter, we shall see wether my "screwing' method works once William cast the resin ones. :)

Dale, thank you for stopping by, you can creep up on me anytime buddy :), if Stuka had a radial engine I would definitely build one :)



I had to cut the gun covers in order to recreate the gaps between them. It looks rather pathetic, but we will overcome :),,,, that big cutout is waiting for canvas that was preventing reflections n the glass from the instruments and harness.



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