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CSM Nieuport 17 (Late)

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I started this WIP over on LSP; it's only right that I share it with my other family...

A shot of the box. DSCN2027-1.jpg

My first impression: this kit is very near Wingnut Wings caliber. I do, however, find myself cleaning up a lot of parts - particularly at the parting lines.

Only four sprues, but two of them are very busy. Acetate film for the windscreen (I've read that it's pre-cut) and a smal PE fret are included as well. The instruction manual is very good - if it gave other than generic paint callouts (ie. "medium blue"), I would rate it as excellent.


Cockpit framing. Some very slight ejector pin marks, but they'll be fully covered. I had to drill holes for bracing wires.


The first mistake I've noted: ears are missing at the base of the center vertical on one side.


Out with the Waldron punch (0.028 inches) and some styrene sheet.


A little trimming and some cement, and we're good to go.


Various Tamiya tans as an undercoat...


Then a heavy coat of Windsor & Newton burnt sienna


An hour or so later, the excess is removed with a cotton bud.



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Very interesting subject and combined with your skillful building a clinic, nice.

There is a sequel of related WW1 pilots stories out there. The plot is a little soso to my eye, but the paintings by Romain Hugault are brilliant.
No idea though if there exists an English version.


Cheers Rob

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38 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Looking good Bill, after I’ve cleared the “stalled shelf” may start on the ships camel, watching with interest as never done WW1......

Phil - Just take your time, and make sure you avoid paint on mating surfaces!

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A brief update. Finished the bracing wires on the cockpit frames; Some painting on control detail.


There are a couple of parts still to add; I painted them on the sprue.


I'm finally at a point where I can assemble something!



Next up: Rudder pedal assembly, control stick, then the seat. Stay tuned.

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