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RNZAF P-40N finished

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This is the Hasegawa/Eduard kit. Mostly OOB but I replaced the kit prop with one from my spares stash which is more accurate. Everything else, including PE seat belts (which I am not a big fan of) came in the kit. The undersides are "painted" believe it or not, with Alclad Gloss Primer Grey. The top surfaces camo is MM OD 34087 and Dk. Green 34092. A real nice kit and easy to build. I hope you like it.


6-30 009.jpg

6-30 001.jpg

6-30 002.jpg

6-30 004.jpg

6-30 005.jpg

6-30 006.jpg

6-30 007.jpg

6-30 008.jpg

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Very nice John, I like the RNZAF paintjob and the subtle weathering. Sometimes you have to wonder why they even bother with camouflage :D. I'm tempted to do my P-40 as Gloria too, seeing your build, but will lastly stay with my original plan and show her as Lulu Belle like on the box art (with the girl)

Cheers Rob

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Thanks Rob. I'm glad you like the results of my efforts. Lulu Belle will look good for sure! Remember that the name should be yellow and not white. :)

Here's the one I built a while back.

Lulu Belle 002.jpg

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7 hours ago, Anthony in NZ said:

Well John, that's my favorite build of yours to date....just LOVE it!  Beautifully executed, colours are spot on and nice exhaust staining.....awesome!


Thank you Anthony. I'm pleased that you like it. :);)

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