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Trumpeter A7E - Hellenic AF


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Evening all, some pics of the recently finished Greek SLUF.







And a couple without the flash to try and better demonstrate some of the 'dirtiness' which gets a bit lost with the flash.



In addition to the basic kit I used Aires cockpit, Zacto seamless intake, AMS wheels, Videoaviation Mk82s and Brassin MERs. Markings were painted on using Montex masks and Eduard cockpit masks.

Paintwork was predominantly Ammo acrylics (mainly the Argentinian Falklands set for the main colours) and Tamiya and Gunze for detail painting. Weathering was again mainly Ammo - oilbrushers, panel line washes, filters, etc. Gloss coat and matt coat were both Tamiya as I tried the AK matt varnish and failed miserably, It just beaded up all over the gloss coat so I cut my losses and went back to something I know always works although it isn't quite as 'flat' as I was wanting.

Overall, I'm fairly happy with the result. There are a few things that will niggle as they didn't quite turn out how I'd envisaged but I've tried quite a few new techniques and pushed my skill set forward. It looks close enough to a SLUF for me despite the well known flaws in the kit. It does go together pretty well though with minimal seam work required.

As always comments, critiques, suggestions welcomed.

Cheers, Gus

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Thanks guys.

Hubert, that's why I love this site as people are very open with their techniques and trials and errors, so you can try stuff and pick and mix other's ideas. I find many of the books and online videos about painting and weathering are very prescriptive and 'push' certain ideas and looks like the tartan appearance you mention.

Rob, hopefully sometime around June or July we might the 2 days of summer a year we get here and I can get some outdoor photos for you! :D It was actually a beautiful, sunny but frosty day here yesterday but the sun is so low in the sky during the 6 hours or so of daylight that we get that our garden is barely ever out of shadow.

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I agree with all here. Gus, simply a stunning build, man. Truly spectacular.

Like Hubert said, this looks truly weathered as only a Greek aircraft could look, without being overdone, and like Rob said, on a sun baked piece of concrete with heat radiating off the surface, it would absolutely pass for real.

I honestly can’t see anything that stands out as out of place. The Mk.82 new look is brilliant. They show off the tired and worn aircraft to perfection.

May I PLEASE post this on the LSM Facebook page?

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Hi Ernie

Feel free to post it on Facebook as I'll never see it! I'm afraid I've never got into the whole (anti)social media thing despite my wife and kids using it all the time to keep in touch when they're away at Uni.

Thanks for compliments as well, means a lot when it comes from people who's skills you admire, like many on here.

My main take away from this is not to panic if things look 'odd' at stages of the build. I did a lot of fading with white and buff oils to make the green look sun bleached but it all 'disappeared' when I applied the gloss coat. I was sorely tempted to redo it but thankfully didn't 'cos when I applied the flat coat at the end it all reappeared.


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Weird experience last night!?!

I have a Pinterest account which I rarely use but which I do use to store reference photos for builds. I went on last night and one of the recommendations as I'd been looking at Greek aircraft was a photo of my own build lifted from this site! Very disconcerting!!!

The interweb can be a very odd place. :D

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