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1/32 Revell Fw190 F8 converted to G8

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Thanks to Winco for allowing me to do this.


I started this build a few months back before i joined LSM. But as you will see. I've not got very far lol.

I've always liked the old 1/48 Revell (Ex Dragon) Fw190 G8 kit box art. So now Revell have their 1/32 F8 kit i thought i'd convert it to a G8. Not exactly a lot to do really. Plus it gives me a chance to have a play around with the engine, which is something i've never done before. On a plus note. I thought the kit seatbelt decals were going to look horrendous. But actually they didn't look that bad. Not HGW standard. But acceptable for a virtually OOB build.

So here we go. A little catch-up to show where i am with this build. Please be gentle. I know my limitations/skills as a modeller :)


Here is the box art i love so much.


And here is a few pics to show you what i'm doing.



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I must admit i've been trying (and failing for the most part) to find pictures of the BMW 801 from all angles to see where pipework goes etc. So at this point i'm just adding some wiring and maybe the odd pipe.

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Not touched this since May due to work and other personal issues. But i'm starting to get back into it now. Here's my progress so far.


Ignition wires routed and painted with various other areas touched up too.. Started to add the exhausts






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On 12/19/2020 at 4:47 PM, AlanG said:

Exhausts added. Not a great fit due to the additional detail i've added getting in the way. But once it's buttoned up in the cowl you aren't going to be able to see all the mistakes lol




That looks really very convincing! Well done, Alan! 

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Been working like a trojan on the farm over xmas/new year so have had little time off and bench time. Little bit of progress.

Brake line pipes made and a couple of worm clamps from 1mm lead wire (flattened and cut in half). Also 'painted' the oleo with a Molotow marker (under the masking tape). Never used one before but looks good.




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Work near to Elgin so the coast area has just been cold, windy and chuffin wet. But live in the hills and we've had a fair bit of snow on and off along with the cold and wind.


My pigs are starting to learn to swim lol

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