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“I feel the need, the need for speed......”

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Yes, I’m working on another 1/48 aircraft. Tamiya’s F-14A has been a dream, I literally took this from a box of sprues to a ready to paint aircraft in 7 days, maybe about 20 hours total working time. This included converting the landing gear from extended to stowed. I had to make supports for the front gear bay to hold up the gear doors, and as there were 5, it was a little bit of a pain, fit was mostly good, but some small gaps on doors 3/4. In the rear, a little bit more work because the doors were not designed to fit into the fuselage. I had to make a new set of doors to fit because the original set were not finished, it was easier to make than fill and sand. My biggest disappointment with this kit is the lack of IP gauge detail, no Decals, nothing, just blank circles.








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Nice work, some modern jets are really intriguing. After I built my Mig-31, I was thinking of building a -D Super Tomcat from AMK. The kits are so great, that building them is a breeze. In some areas, I found the engineering was even better than with the Tamiyas :icon_eek:.
But then there is always decaling and stenciling on these modern thingies and finishing one eats as much time as other more demanding builds.
Anyway, I'm eager to see, how yours turn out. The pit looks great and when I understand you correct, it will be a flying display.

Cheers Rob

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1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

In that case, don't forget to have Maverick flipping the bird. 

I thought goose was responsible for international relations?

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9 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

No, Goose was taking the Polaroid. And he hates it when "She's lost that Lovin' Feeling"

There's also this recent figure release:


That’s a pretty nice likeness on that figure, even shows his older age.

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