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Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster finished

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All done with this one. I decided to do a little something "extra" and feather the #4 prop. :) More than one Lanc came back like that! Paints used were Colourcoats and Model Master. Built mostly OOB except for some Eduard PE in the cockpit area. Makes for a BIG model and I was always banging a wing tip on something while working on it. I let a couple of small things pass as I was just tired of working on it. :huh: I hope ya'll like the results of my efforts. :)


1-27-21 005.jpg

1-27-21 001.jpg

1-27-21 002.jpg

1-27-21 003.jpg

1-27-21 004.jpg

1-27-21 006.jpg

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7 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

John, absolutely stunning, love the subtle exhaust staining. For a almost 50 year old kit it’s comes out really nicely..

Thank you Phil. It's a oldie but still a goodie! :)

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5 hours ago, FME erk said:

Cracking job on that John :thumbsup2:

It may be a 40+ year old kit (1977)  but you have turned out a model that is as good as todays standards . . .

thanks for sharing 


I appreciate that Ian, thanks. :):)

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4 hours ago, ThomasProbert said:

That's a really lovely job - as others have said it's an old kit but builds up well.

Coming in on three is still something Lancs do every now and again: Lancaster on emergency landing May 6, 2018,,with one engine out. - YouTube

All the best,


Thank you Tom. I thought feathering #4 would add a little something extra to the model. And doesn't go out of style! LOL :)

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11 minutes ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Nice to see another Lancaster here.

You did a beautiful job on this one and I especially love the nose-art!

The feathered propeller is a nice and very seldom seen addition! 

Thank you! I'm please you like it. I thought the feathered prop would be a nice change from the usual. :)

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17 hours ago, Jeff said:

John, because all the guys ahead of me used all the good words, I will use something different to convey my thoughts of your Lancaster build.......... 10/10 !!!!!!

LOL Thanks Jeff! I appreciate that! :)

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