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Hello to you all

like some off you know im in the army for a long time

I joind in 1995 with the field artillery untill 2001 then i whent for the anti aircraft artillery

After a big reorganization off the army in 2007 i whent to the combat engineers

Now after 14 years doing the same job the give me the chance to go to another job

So now friday i will speak with the new boss and hopfully i get the new job

What i know so far is that i have a 3 month period to decied iff i will do the job for the rest off my carreer

But iff i look at the program in the futher this will be better for me and my family

So fingers crosed


Regards and sorry for my bad english



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54 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

These are some fantastic news Mark, best of luck. 



Thanks I Will keep you posted

22 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

All the best for the chat......


10 minutes ago, harv said:

Mark, best of luck to you. I know you enjoy your work.....harv



When I know more you Will know it too



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All the best Mark :thumbsup2: ...

At least we can all type this ... instead of yelling our a$$es off - what with you hailing from artillery and all :D :D :D

Rog :)

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