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My other hobby........


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These are what kept me away from the modelling bench for the last 7 months. I bought these two last summer and spent the winter tidying them up, especially the GSXR.


I sold my Yamaha VMAX for good money and decided I wanted a classic sportsbike to tidy up. With the money left over I bought the VL800 so that the wife can enjoy two wheels as well - she wont ride on the back of a sportsbike !!


The GSXR had been "modified" but what I liked about it was the bodywork was in very good order for a 23 year old bike, and it still had the original silencer, which was also unmarked. The previous owner had put wavey discs on, different footpegs, screen, saddle and a few other not to my taste mods.


I spent a few quid on replacing everything back to standard, although the front mudguard and both wheels should be red and not white.


The whole bike was stripped to the frame, engine out and most fasteners replaced with stainless steel. rear shock stripped and spring powder coated and a lot of smaller parts replaced with new suzuki items.


The wheels are now the original red




The VL800 just had a few items replaced, and was generally tidied up. I did take the motor out of the frame as I sheared a screw, and the only way I could get a drill in to repair it was to remove the motor..!!!





The only cosmetic changes I have made to this one is to replace both saddles with standard Suzuki black ones which I had to get from the US, and the rear sissy bar/backrest. I dont have an up to date photo of the VL yet.


Now the better weather is coming - hopefully, I can get out and ride these two, and of course get back to the modelling.



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Those are nice rides!

Would be nice to see everyone else's other hobby's, since I know many modelers are passionate about more things than just plastic!


Mine is shooting and horses...




Browning HP:




And M1 Carbine:




Who's next?

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Ah, a legacy GSX-R 750!!!! Delicious!!


I currently ride a Triumph SpeedTriple 1050 and a BMW R1200GS Adventure (both originally registered in the UK and bought 2nd-hand by me , BTW!) but I have a history in GSX-R's. Had a 1991 GSX-R 1100, 2000 GSX-R 750, 2005 GSX-R 1000K5 and currently I have a non-running 1997 GSX-R 750SRAD too....




And after putting on some aftermarket goodies:



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Oh! Almost forgot....


I'm also into (aviation) photography... A couple of friends and I went to Spangdahlem AB, Germany last Friday to see if we could take some pics of the Davis-Monthan A-10's that are TDY there, at the moment.


We succeeded in that, plus two Canadian CF-188 Hornets and some resident F-16CM/DM's!













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Well this is cool. Other than modelling my other major passion is photography and in particular bike racing. I've been working for the British Superbike Championship for 4 years now. Here's a few from last season.












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Ah, I'll be attending too. I'll be bringing my Nikon D800 +Nikkor 80-400 AF-S!

Hey I shoot Nikon too. D700's with prime lens the majority of the time cos I luv the shallow depyh of field you can achieve plus there super fast focusing.

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Wow a 66 MGB from the year of my birth !!!


You dont see many of those here in the UK, especially on the road. That and the 240Z are beautiful, thanks for sharing them with us :respect: :respect:

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Hi George, that beach looks great for dogs! We've got some nice ones near us on NE coast of Scotland but having two Jack Russells you end up spending most of your time pulling them out of rabbit burrows in the dunes.

Last time we were over your way we spent a couple of glorious days on the beach at Scheveningen but it was just a bit busier than that.


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In between getting too few models built, I dabble in skiing:




The two Shiba Inu bundles of energy known as Mika and Mimi:




I'm a huge Mustang enthusiast, I don't currently have one here in Japan but plan on rectifying that situation when I return to the US, here's my last ride, a '96 GT:




I also love to read, but don't get enough time to do it, big fantasy and sci-fi fan but enjoy historical stuff too.

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Last chopper built:


Next on the way:

Saturday night ride:


Around towner:



Just came back in without any salmon:


 As well as custom fabrication of any kind of sign you are able to think of,and many other items as well, specializing in s/s..

Pretty much covers the hobby thing.

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