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Ju-88C-2 "4D+FH" Finished!

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After months of resisting distractions I'm finally calling this one done!


What I used:


• Revell Ju-88A1 kit

• A part of the original 4D+FH window frame generously donated to me by James Hatch. Cheers bud!

• CMK C-version conversion

• AIMS interior gun arrangement

• Quickboost ammo drums

• CMK Radio set

• CMK fuel filler and life raft set

• HGW Seatbelts

• Maketar Paint masks

• Master gun barrels

• 3D designed and printed cradles

• Verlinden tarp and tools

• Custom printed wooden base

• I scratch built the wing root detail.


I used the excellent Mr. Paint range for the camo and AK Interactive panel line washes and weathering agents.


Build log here:




More pics later on...





















Hope you like here!


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Lovely result Jeroen. Really interesting to see the detail of how the wings attach like that. Hardly seems substantial enough but obviously did the job.

The base really finishes it off.

 Thnx! Yes. The four knuckle joints do the job. In the WIP I've placed some detail drawings and photo's.

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Jeroen; that is one kick-arse peice of work there mate...absolutely fantastic!! How did you get the printing onto your display base? Where did you get your graphics from?


Hi Dennis,


That was quite a ride. I took the drawings for the artwork from the Luftwaffe Maintenance manuals. I have them all in PDF. Then had them printed on the wood with a professional surface printer. A huge contraption at my brother's workplace. I'm still trying to get a good adress for wooden bases so I can maybe sell some of them. Maybe with WW2 maps printed on them. Or other technical drawings.



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