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Tamiya F4U-1D Corsair: Update: 2/1019

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FG-1D Corsair

HQSS-2 le Shima

June 1945

“Skipper's Orchid"


After starting the F4B-4 and waiting for the Lone Star cockpit resin set to arrive, as luck would have it, a few days after it was delivered, Diane and I were off to glorious Bar Harbor, Maine for two weeks of vacation and photography: what a fantastic fantastic vacation. Since coming home, I managed to banged up my knee and with each passing day, I'm feeling better and getting around like my old self. Of course a few days after injuring my knee, I cracked a posted and crown and it needed to be that taken care of – oh what fun and what a run! Finally I managed sit at the bench and get to work on the little Boeing and my run of bad luck (rats) continued to stick with me. After grinding off all the cockpit interior detail, I opened up the resin set and was very disappointed in the quality of the castings. Back in the box everything went and I'll be buying an other F4B down the road and giving it another try but going with bits and pieces to detail the cockpit the next time.

I needed a major mojo injection and after discussing my happenings with John B plus following John's Corsair build, I ordered a Corsair F4U-1D (I've already built Tamiya's Birdcage and what a kit it was) and insanely tracked my order's progress until she arrived on time. Finally back at the bench.

As most of my builds, I'm going pretty much Out of the Box with the following AM to enhance the Big Guy:

Eduard Resin Wheel set – just not a fan of vinyl/rubber tires

Eduard PE Seatbelt Set

Cutting Edge Decals – allowing a Gloss Navy Blue finish as a FG-1D

Barracuda Cockpit Stencil and Decals set.


Mr Color #14 Navy Blue for the exterior gloss finish – looks perfect to these old eyes

Vallejo Model Air for the Interior Green

The National Naval Aviation Museum Corsair will be my basic guide for colors (seems Tamiya had used this restored aircraft as well).


Following the instructions I went to work on the front office correcting a few colors here and there and even weathering – now for me, ain't that something!

Photos show the side consoles to be black with the right hand side a semi gloss black, the side walls above the consoles flat black and so it is. I loosely followed Tamiya's painting instructions and combined the NAM's panoramic photo plus Barracuda's color instructions as well. I spent a good two week plus of bench time on the front office with a lot of time devoted to applying the zillions of Barracuda stencils and placards; not all but a whole lot of those little devils.

Just nothing like a Tamiya kit to get the juices flowing and finally they are flowing!

Next up the front office glare panel and details and cockpit side wall details.

Thanks for checking in










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Looking great Peter, I am always amazed at what a difference those cockpit stencils make.  I have not tried them yet, the thought of hundreds of small decals really tries my patience...

A question though, shouldn't the group of parts sticking out the left side be turned around 180?  With the tall handle facing inwards?

I am about to start my Tamiya F4U-1D kit, after finishing both the -1 and -1A.

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Nice work on the pit Peter, it looks absolutely great. You are right, there is nothing like building a Tamiya Corsair to get the Mojo stirred again. No need for grinding in the cockpit area, but I did anyway with my Birdcage, using the even better Brassin cockpit, but actually this was only a vanity thing, the provided one is absolutely great for a non-resin one.

Sometime ago I did a little walkaround right here, with some pics I made in Pensacola of the mentioned plane.


Next build should be a F4-Phantom to stay in the F4 pattern :D.

Cheers Rob


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Thanks John

Been putting in the bench time as the fun and joy is back - Corrected my little blunder and the fuselage is now glued up and drying. What a dream.

Checking in on your engine build as I'm about to start my Big P&W and need to see how you did yours.


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Thanks Again Frank for pointing out my blunder and saving me a bunch of time fixing it a bit later on. I sure I would have known something was wrong when I was up to gluing the fuselage together and that pesky assembly was on the wrong side of the sheetmetal


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