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Revell 1/32 Arado Ar 196 + HPH catapult set

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Great kit , cheap and chic! one of the most beautiful I've ever built. Very good joints, even if the cockpit lacks the protective plates of light metal that surrounded the entire cockpit. I suggest the use of the beautiful Eduard sets. The model was painted entirely with Vallejo Air and weathering done with Tamiya powders. A peculiarity: although I am a fanatic of "lights and shadows" I have not used any washing. The panels are naturally highlighted because they show the base color, preceding at least a dozen of the lighter layers of the two basic greens. I must admit that the result surprised me too. An advice to all those who want to paint a plane with Vallejo Air is to give a matte finish with a transparent Tamiya, diluted with 95% alcohol. This simple trick cancels the slightly vinylic appearance of these colors.

Nat 6.jpg













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Hello Nat  Wale Plaia  and WELCOME  to the Madhouse....  :piliot:

the newbie buys the drinks..MINE's a Diet Coke please !!:respect:

PHENOMENAL model... I LOVE it all and can't help drooling over it and THAT Engine is to die  for !:wub:


KUDOS  on an INCREDIBLY  GORGEOUS Model and workmanship...



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a stunningly gorgeous build

my one gripe: the "100" decal with garland around it where it goes over a chord / pipe on the port side; surely it needs cutting / something to make it sit in the groove.

apart from that, simply awesome.

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Agree with Nick’s comment. The « chord » is the front hoisting sling to lift the aircraft back on the ship’s catapult. There is also another one symetrically on the right side. So the crest would have to have been under the sling, which could not have been painted, or would have lost the decoration from constant manipulation and possible replacement.

Which does not detract from a great build and weathering. A real gem of a kit, this one, and you did a great job of it.


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