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Hawk 81 A-2, American Volunteer Group, 1st Pursuit Squadron, "White 7"

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Well it's finally done, rescued from the shelf after seven years!  1/32 Trumpeter P-40B/C done in the markings of Robert Neale's "White 7" of the AVG in Kunming, China in June of '42, CO of 1st Pursuit and the leading AVG ace with 15.5 kills.  Decals are from Kits World mostly and were excellent.  I started with Tiger Wings decals which look great on the sheet but we were so thin and brittle they were mostly unusable.  Big, big shout out to my buddy Rick Kranias who provided me with the two side windows for the cockpit after I broke mine.


  • BarracudaCast resin wheels
  • Master brass MG set
  • SAC landing gear (only because lone of my struts got lost)
  • Cockpit corrected with left over parts from Azur Hawk 75 and some scratch-building
  • Kits World decals
  • Paint: Mr. Color













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15 minutes ago, Wumm said:

Very well done, a nice departure from your usual fare with those horrid crooked crosses!

But would some WIP shots every now and then kill ya?! ;)

Thanks, Steve.  I know I'm guilty of not being real good with WIP shots but my friends at Photobucket deleted everything I had (this one was a long time in the making) on this one in their "one in a billion" deletion of my photo library. :wallbash:

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