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Got to love Canada


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Ideally, I suspect the recipient should have a wide vocal range, and preferably be multi-lingual to explore the full effects of the testing parameters... someone from Quebec perhaps?

However, I'm surprised that the test liquid isn't simply administered directly from a sterile cup or beaker. This seems a far more controlled method, and of course eliminates the chance of inadvertantly being blinded by Science. 

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Having always been fascinated by science and scientific experiments, I have to dig this one :)

But one thing is unclear to me. I can fairly well understand the masculine « donor » side of the test. But what about the « receiver » part of it ? No mention is made of who, and how ... (which, btw, leaves some space for a surprise, if candidates imagine one given gender for the receiver, and get the other gender ;) )

All of this to say the experimental protocol is poorly defined at this stage, and needs to be reworked on before the study’s results can be published in « Science » or the « New England Journal of Medicine » 

(Very serious) Hubert :rolleyes:

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20 hours ago, Wumm said:

Well, I just hope you get a Lady volunteer is all Jeff!

..................ah..................................... maybe I had better not be to 'hasty' in volunteering...........................................:blink:

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After further consideration, it would seem that the reason the liquid is not taken from a receptacle, is that there must also be some form of Coronal/Epiglotal contact required to fully explore all scenarios expected to be encountered within the general population.

Therefore, unfortunately I find that I would be unsuitable as a Candidate for this experiment, as my genetic makeup is overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon in origin.

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