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Kitty Hawk F-5F OOB quickish build.

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Other than having to close the canopies at the very last moment, and spilling Tamiya extra thin all over the arse end of it, meaning a strip and reriveting job, it was a quick and mostly painless build.

I can highly recommend this model to lovers of the F-5. It takes the 1/32 scale F-5 and makes the old Hasegawa kit look like a tinkertoy.   Just remember, if you're planning on closing the canopies, fit them first. I didn't and the rear one, while better, is nowhere near perfect. Cutting down the rear seat mount to lower it would be needed, or lower the floor :)  Either way, that's the only glitch for me and it happened at the very end of the build. :(   I'll build mine with the canopies open.

But it's HIGHLY recommended.  Just do your research first. F-5’s had more options than a 67 Mustang. 







Well I just saw the flipped decal at the trailing edge of the fin.  Dammit!




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Looking great Ernie. The F5 is not one of my favorites, but it was a pure pleasure ride to accompany you while building her. I like the result, everything blends in perfectly. Sometimes it's good to build one oob, and ask yourself, why did I use that much AM on my last build.

Cheers Rob 

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And kiss it goodbye.  :(

I’ve gotten really good at packing models.  This was just getting the cradles right. Then, I line the entire box with the pink foam, and cut the cradle ends down to fit.  Hot glue everything together, then place tissue or a thin foam around the areas on the model that sits on the cradle. Hot glue stops against the model tp prevent it shifting forward or back, hot glue crosspieces on the cradles that lock the model in place, install foam top cover, then seal the box.

It’s probably overkill, but it works. 



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