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2021 IPMS USA Nats in Las Vegas, Nv.


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10 minutes ago, ScottsGT said:

Ha!  My wife said she’s in if it is in Vegas.  Of course this trip is going to cost a fortune if we go.  

Have a feeling Vegas will be a good one as a direct result of such happenings.

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Well I asked my wife what she thought  and she said we can entertain the idea. She's been to Vegas previously but much prefers the desert versus the strip so at least there's something for her. If thing don't change, I'm sure my boys will be happy to go with me to the show. They're always happy when they go to the LHS with me.  Which would mean one day with family at the show and one day on my own. 


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6 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Right on, I actually might be able to attend 2 nats in a row and maybe even 3. My wife is happy that is in Vegas and actually wants to go too. It's gonna be another 'Dry heat" IPMS convention lol.

I understand it will be in the Rio Hotel and Casino, so in that situation we won't even have to walk anywhere for food, Buffet city!! Looks like if you get the right room you could watch touch and go's at Nellis from your couch! Just over $100 bucks a night I understand!

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Vegas looks like a great place for a convention, actually. One thing that needs to be kept in the back of everyone's mind is that many modellers are getting older, and walking that long distance from the rooms to the show areas gets harder and harder every single year.   

Last week, I saw plenty of older people with walkers and canes really struggling with the distance.  Smitty, the hotel was laid out like Omaha, convention center across the streeton one end via flyover, and hotel on the other. 

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