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Russian P-40E with Klimov M-105 engine - Finished!

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I actually wrapped this one up today, and took some pics outside int he sun. It was a bit windy, so I may try some later without the white background when I'm sure it will be safe. 


As there is very little inf available on these planes, I took some liberties. Here is the basic premise:

- This plane (red 20, 196th IAP)) seems to be the only M-105 Klimov plane consistently depicted in model kits and renderings, though no photos of it seems to exist. I chose to do it because at least I am reasonably certain it actually existed.

- As these were lend-lease aircraft, I assumed it would have been delivered to the Soviets in standard 3 color USAAF colors with US stars (no bars) on them, so I first painted it in that scheme - dark green/brown camo upper surfaces, neutral gray undersides, green zinc chromate pit and insides. No U.S. ARMY lettering on the bottom, as they seemed to have stopped doing this by the E models.

- I assumed that the Russians would have then painted over the US stars with whatever paint they had, so a darker shade of green over the wing top and fuselage stars, and russian underside blue on the wing bottom, with a brush, so crude circles. 

- Then Russian red stars on the wings and fuselage over the painted out US insignia where it occurred. I also assumed the plane would have then saw service for a time before the engine wore out.

- At this point, the plane would have had the engine replaced with the M-105 Klimov, and assigned to the 196th IAP.

- At some point after that, the 196th painted over everything with white, including the fuselage star, and replaced the star with a red number, painting a new star on the tail. It would then have seen service until it met it's end or the the war did, whichever came first. 


Eduard Brassin wheels and tires

Scratch built upper front engine cowl and exhaust, cast in resin

Spinner and prop from Special Hobby Yak-3 kit (heavily modified and also cast in resin)

RB seatbeltsIMG_9795.thumb.JPG.e5b126afa2829483ea80cae0ef461a9a.JPG









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1 hour ago, TJTX said:

Lovely build.  I love the off center build subject that will be very unique on a table.  The whitewash is amazing as well.  Is it just airbrushed?

Yes, it is airbrushed. It's model master enamels for the base colors, then Vallejo acrylic for the whitewash. I thinned the acrylic way down so it wouldn't cover well, and then sprayed thin coats until I got the slightly translucent look I was after. I also did the white without masking anything but the canopy, since it probably would have been done in a hurry in the field. Then I dry sanded it with 1500 grit to get the colors under it to show through better, and burnished the whole plane with gray and white chalk. The rubbed in chalk gives it a slightly smooth, satin finish more like real paint, so it's not all just matte, and it settles into the lines a bit, too.

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Guest Dekenba

Bloody hell! Amazing.


You've not only got the build & finish spot-on, you've got a very unique subject indeed, without having to carve up excessive amounts of plastic.


Great choice of subject, great "dirty whitewash" finish, just a hint of its former life, and a unique engine to finish it all off.


I've not seen a better build for a good while now.

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