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IPMS Middle Tennessee Model competition and swap meet this Saturday! 11/14/20


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Middle Tennessee IPMS chapter is proud to sponsor its annual IPMS rules model competition and swap meet this Saturday 11/14/20 from 9:00am to 4:00pm, judging starts at 12:00. As of yesterday we have 55 vendor tables reserved and about as many display and contests tables, and the model tables are on 18” risers to make them easy to view. The show has been given the green light yesterday and will happen as scheduled.

The flyer below lists the basics. Please see the website for more details including categories. Come join us for what is one of the very few shows to actually happen, we only ask that you follow city mandates and wear a mask. 


The fee schedule for entries are as follows:  $15 for the first three entries/ $1 for each additional entry. There will be a $2 discount available to everyone who pre-registers and an additional $2 discount for IPMS National members. Example: An IPMS member who pre-registers will have a cost of $11 for his first three entries.
Junior entries (under 16) $5 for up to ten entries

Download Entry Form



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Very cool, wish I could go! There has been ZERO model related anything around here since March of this year. Nothing. All the shows and even our local IPMS club meetings, cancelled. It sucks big time. Have fun for the rest of us! B)

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We are in a weird window right now, they just reintroduced the mask mandate 2 weeks ago, and we suspect they will be shutting things down this next week, but we are good to go and insurance, IPMS, the city, and the venue have all given us the OK as long as everyone follows the rules.

We have people coming in from far and wide, even one person from Austin TX, and as this is the only show within a thousand miles that is happening since April, we are bracing for record attendance. I hope anyone who can make it, will come. For me, I missed a few shows earlier this year, so it’s been exactly one year since I made it to any show. Once again, I am working the show for the second year in a row, so it’s going to be hectic to say the least. 

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The show did happen, and I’m just plum wore out. It was the biggest show we have ever had, had over 300 models entered, crowds of people all day long, over 60 vendor table (max for the venue) and we were turning vendors away that didn’t pre register. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take a single photo, my morning was spent helping entrants find their tables and then re-arranging for categories that needed more room, then judging after that was done. Somewhere in the process I didn’t have time to take one photo. Although we do have an official chapter photographer, I hope to get some photos from him I can post. Good news is I entered 4 models in 4 different categories and won a Gold for my AH-1Z and a bronze for the Mig-15 and A-7E, so overall, I did well, I’m actually glad I didn’t bring more models, as 1/32 was only one category and there were a lot of high quality entries this year, I’m actually surprised my Mig-15 actually got 3rd, because I felt there were much better models. 




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3 hours ago, biggtim said:

Sure glad you were able to have this event! Looks like fun! Here in the Soviet Republic of Washingtonia, we would be fined or jailed if we tried to do that.

Here in TN, the government could care less if you live or die, stick your kids in the back of your pick up, marry your sister, teach your kids to blow things up with dynamite, etc....

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27 minutes ago, krow113 said:

Good stuff!

And proof that life will proceed somewhat normally!


Right now we are hoping that by setting an example that small shows can happen safely, where people wear masks, don’t spit and lick each other, and no inappropriate touching, hobby shows can go on without the world ending. We are hoping that a few other local areas like Chattanooga and Memphis can happen also. 

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3 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

Thanks for sharing, I got a show in on the 1st of March just before the lockdowns been nothing in the UK since as far as I know......

Unfortunately, we have a show in Chattanooga in early January, then nothing until March, then they come pretty regularly until out show in November, so after the January show, everything shut down before they started up. What is funny, the local venue where our show is, is owned by the city, and they have been booked for ladies craft shows and swap meets non-stop all year. Nobody ever shut them down. So if not outright banned by local or state governments, the decisions to shut down shows usually rests on the local chapters that organize them. 

So, our show happened because we made it happen. People wore masks, for those that didn’t, we provided disposable masks at the door, posted city guidelines for safe co-mingling, and ended up having a good time.

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